Five Tables that Will Blow Your Mind

Thanks to man’s creativity, there is always a way to make the “impossible” possible. Take for instance your table furniture. If you think that it will always be the four-legged lifeless rectangular element in your home, these eccentric table designs will debunk your assumption.

The Gamer’s Tables

Perfect for a bachelor’s pad, these tables bring in some style to your room with added functionality of games and entertainment.

Take for instance this pool table. On its default look, it looks like any ordinary hardwood table. But the top can be slid off to reveal a pool table inside.

Gamer’s Tables

Gamer’s Tables

The extra space allotted fits the circumference of the balls, so that you can leave it there after a play. If you are not into pool, this soccer game table is also available for use.

soccer game table

soccer game table

The glossy steel and the thick glass make it look sleek and elegant. Plus, the neutral-colored wooden pieces of the soccer players make it less flimsy or cheap.

If you have a knack for poker, then this type of table would best fit you.



It is made of durable plywood, painted and styled like the back faces of a poker card. It is elevated closer to the ground so that you and your friends can huddle in cross-seating positions.

The Smart Table

Smart Table

Smart Table

Are you always late for work? Or you just don’t have any sense of time?

Then, this smart table is intelligent enough to remind you how late you are. You won’t even have to go looking for a reliable wall clock or wristwatch. Just lift your plate and take a look at your table and you’d know what the time is.

The Suction Table

suction table

suction table

If you know that your homeland lies on the Pacific ring of fire, or you are just paranoid that an earthquake can hit anytime, then this will solve your worries.

Thomas Schnur created this suction table out of rubber so that it can stick to its designated location, even on unstable ground. Since its legs are made of suction rubbers, it can be adhered to ceilings and walls, thereby defying gravity. It is just questionable, though, who would ever think of placing it on a ceiling.

The Surgeon’s Table

Surgeon’s Table

Surgeon’s Table

If you are a surgeon, don’t mistake this as a substitute for a surgical bed. But with its bloody appearance and eccentric style, your guests will surely visit every time you are “in.”

Unstable Table

Perhaps as a mockery for the suction table fans or just to have fun, this table is bound to deceive you.

At default, it mimics a Rubik’s cube design but when you place an object on top, it suddenly shifts in position.

Unstable Table

Unstable Table

This Rubik’s table is made of 64 magnetically floating cubes, which shifts in form when subjected to pressure but is able to maintain equilibrium to keep it standing.

So which of these five tables top your list of favorites? Share it through a comment below.

Pierre Angela Cruz is a Marketing Consultant for Open Brook, an excellent source of information and reviews about patio and outdoor furniture. She also writes for Amerisleep, a distributor of memory foam mattress.

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  1. Alas, as the list goes down, so too does functionality. Who on earth would want a table you can’t put anything on? As a work of art it’s brilliant, though.

    My favourite is the pool table – looks good and is a really useful piece of kit.

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