Feng Shui Life (Feng shui is your intuition)

feng shui home house.jpgWho rules your life? Destiny, God or Yourself? I think, that many people believe in God or destiny because there should be the reason for our living. The life makes no sense when we just live chaotically. But let us suppose, that all people that believe in different life ruling forces are all right. God, destiny, your opinion are all true for your life. All of them are the parts of your life. For example, a man and his wife bought a new house near the beach. Why did they buy it here? Is it destiny, God or their own opinion?

Our life is our:

  1. Destiny – heaven luck
  2. Feng shui – earth luck
  3. Your actions in life – human luck

According to this list, your life is at least 50% your own decision how to live. If you don’t do something to change your life to better – you lose 1/3 of your life luck. If you don’t trust your intuition – you lose option 2 luck. Why? Because Feng Shui Life is your intuition that you use daily, but don’t even notice this. The simplest example is your house. Furniture that you have, placement of it, colors of your rooms…everything was chosen because you like it. But this choice is your intuition that tells you what the best is for you. That is Feng Shui Life world.feng shui house home.jpg
Feng shui is the science that can tell you what your intuition advises you. Sometimes you come to your friends, and feel that their house is very pleasant and nice to be in. But there are such houses that you don’t even want to come in. Feng shui can find the reasons why it is so and correct this situation.
Feng shuiis not so easy as it may seem but it is for sure can be good hobby that will help you to improve your earth luck. If you hear this for the first time, let me explain you what it is about.
Feng shui has different schools that work differently to help you. When you will try some of them, you will chose for yourself, what school to choose and what works for you better. Remember that Feng shui life is your intuition. Believe or not, but Feng shui exists even if you don’t believe in its power.

Feng Shui process can be divided in three main steps:

1.Feng shui of the house. Is the location of the house positive or does it have good energy? If not, Feng shui tells how to correct the situation.
2. Feng shui of the house (office) inside. Where should you sleep, work, cook to attract luck, wealth, health and love to your life? What furniture and where the things in your house should stand, so that you will be lucky in your life.
3.Feng shui of thfeng shui art flower.jpge house and inside the house. The school of the flying stars will tell when and where it is better to repair your house, locate your rooms. Feng shui flying stars can be good and bad, so you need to cure bad flying stars with special symbols.
These are minimum and basic examples. As soon as you start changing your life with the help of Feng shui, you will feel all the power of this science.
Be ready to unexpected changes in your life;)

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