Feng Shui for Love and Marriage

23048.jpgFeng shui for love is in the Southwest – the section of your house that should show what love is for you. What do you have there? Closet, bathroom, or your bedroom? If “Love” is placed in the bathroom or toilet, it’s ok, we have cure methods to solve your Feng Shui Case. Remember, it is very hard to find ideal Feng Shui of the house and room, so be happy, because Feng Shui has many cures. Just be patient and find what you need. I will help you and share all information I know.

Love is a fire that reigns in the heart…

As you know, the element of the southwest is Earth. Colors for this section: Beige, Light Yellow, and Sandy/Earthy.

Friendly elements:

Water – Wood – Fire – Earth – Metal – Water

So additional good colors for the Earth would be from the Fire element: red, orange, purple, pink, strong yellow. Red and pink are colors of love and fire. Use these colors for the decoration of Southwest part of your house and bedroom. Candles is a great activator for love! But dont place water element here: pictures with water, fontains, and blue or black colors.

Colors: Beige, Light Yellow, and Sandy/Earthy, Red, orange, purple, pink, strong yellow. It is better to use calm and warm colors. Try to imagine the perfect bedroom you would like to have? How does it look: many velvet pillows, picture of a flowers, or red blankets? Soft shades like salmon, coral and rose will attract a gentle partner who is attentive to your needs, and bold colors like crimson, burgundy and scarlet will give you passionate life.

Some cases and tips for feng shui Love:

  • If my “Love” section goes to toilet and bathroom?

Cure: you should activate love in the room you are living. Divide your room by the parts of the world and you will see what you should do next: colors, double items, and feeling of love. Don’t forget to pay attention to the bedroom, not only the room you are working or studding.

  • I feel that a picture that I have doesn’t fit my love section1045750850_cd6d3df620.jpg

Cure: you should have only the objects that you like and give you intimate feeling in the bedroom and the Southwest part . If you don’t like one of them, or they don’t give you intimate emotions, just place these items in another room or just leave them outside the house.

  • I read somewhere, that when I wake up I should see something pleasant. What it should be?

Yes, you are right. When you wake up and see for example a beautiful nature in the window it is perfect. But if you don’t have such case? Then, place a picture of the couple that watches each other. But don’t place single people in the room. They bring Lonely energy.

I know a couple that quarreled every day since they made the repair. The reason was – they had their photo in the bedroom , but they looked to different sides on this photo. As a result, they had different opinions, and couldn’t find compromise. When they replaced the photo with the one, where they watch each other, peaceful life with full of love came to them. Place pictures, sculptures, photos of happy couples in your room. Bedroom should be an intimate place for you, so your dear mom and dad photos or children’s art would love to be places somewhere else.

  • What about chairs and beds, should they be of a special form or design?

409547045_433fffb0c1.jpgWhen two people live together, they usually have a bed for two persons, and they don’t have a single chair, but minimum two. So, decorate your bedroom in the way, as if you live with your love. Don’t forget that your subconscious feels what you expect. Show that you are willing to share your life with the love. For example, your bed should have free way to enter from the both sides of the bed.

  • Is television good or harmful to place in the bedroom?

Bedroom is not a good place for TV. If you don’t sleep well, try to place TV in another room, or if you don’t have such opportunity, so don’t turn it on, before you sleep. Try to read a book or magazine, but don’t watch TV. This is not an item, that gives you passionate feelings.

  • I have a lot of lovely presents from my ex-boyfriends, where should I place them?

Picture of peonies is an ideal attraction sigh for love. Singles should have the image of these flowers for sure. Couples should be attentive, because it is said that sometimes attracts third party to your couple. But it not proved from my side. When I places a picture of them, my boyfriend started surprising me with overwhelming attention. You should try it!

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