Decorating With Accessories To Transform Your Home

Home decorating with accessories does not have to be stressful; in fact it can be fun designing and planning the transformation of your home. Rather than get overwhelmed, tackle one room at a time, that way you won’t feel like you are living on a building site as the rest of the rooms in your house remain usable.

Simple Tips And Tricks To Consider In The Kitchen

Not all redecorating involves massive transformations, simple and subtle improvements can turn a room from clutter and disarray to beautiful and functional at the same time. The kitchen can be a particular problem for mess. Try forcing some sort of organisation with glass fronted cabinets, as any mess will be instantly visible. Update your look with some beautiful new dinnerware that just begs to go on display in a glass fronted cabinet.

Make sure all those items you regularly use and that get left on the worktop such as tea, sugar, oils, salt and pepper are stored in beautiful containers. There are plenty of quirky, arty and unusual designs in kitchenware, that are beautiful objects in themselves. Give units an upgrade by replacing door knobs and handles or using decals. Mix it up with modern and retro touches; the contrast can end up looking quite beautiful. Add some beautiful tea and hand towels in the kitchen, you will find great designs and colours on the market.

Makeover Your Bathroom

The bathroom can be a tricky place to redecorate as it can often be on the small side. It is easy to update a bathroom by injecting some colour and texture. You can use wallpaper specifically made for the bathroom and this instantly opens up an amazing array of choice in colour, patterns and finishes. The bathroom is easy to accentuate with great looking accessories like quality towels which come in luxurious fibres and great designs and colour choices.
Christy towels in supima cotton are very popular as they are so luxurious, thick and absorbent and very soft on the skin. You will find every conceivable size of towel in Supima cotton from face cloths right up to bath sheets and the jumbo sheet. There are a large number of colours to go with any colour scheme. Opt for bold or pastels or the same colour in contrasting shades for an interesting look.

The Elegance range of towels from Christy is a blend of cotton and eucalyptus hygro cotton and the most luxurious range. They come in a range of eight classic pastel but warming shades and add a touch of elegance to any bathroom scheme. At 700gsm they feel great and you can also find bath mats in the range. Quirky patterns are always popular in towels as well as a classic multi coloured stripe which can add vibrancy to plain white or cream bathrooms.

Why not try a bare wood floor with a freestanding bath to create a touch of rustic chic to your bathroom. If you want to go for tiles but are on a budget, plain white tiles will often be the cheapest, but this means you can add a punch in other ways, more expensive fittings for example. Think about storage for your quality towels and other bathroom essentials. You want it to be easily accessible and, if they have been carefully chosen for their aesthetics, on display too.

Anna Mathews writes regularly on interior design for a range of design and home supplies retail websites and blogs including Christy Towels, a leading supplier of quality towels.

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