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De-clutter your plans:) It doesnt clean clutter in your house and it doesnt deal with energies around you, it is more serious! It is all about your personality and your constant lack of time.

When i de-clutter my brain?

– when i can’t sleep. i want to sleep, but just can’t.

– when i have too much plans in my head, but can’t organise myself to do them

– when i look in the mirror and understand that i look not gorgeous.

– when i do NOTHING for weeks.

What next? ( if i dont understand what’s happening to me)

– I write all the things that i think is bothering me!


My Look.

as i am a girl, the first thing that can bother me is – my look. So, i start thinking, how should i look to be perfect. What details are missing to look the best?! Make-up, hair, clothes, shoes, bags, etc. If i need to buy something, i imagine what i want. Then i search exactly what i want! (don’t waste time shopping with no idea of what you want. you can do that only when you are happy with your look and don’t need something special)


Yes, i really like when everything is perfect:) If i quarrel with the boyfriend, he usually needs time to think and calm down, but what about me?! So, de-cluttering of my brain works great here! I start writing about the problem. what i dont like? what he doesnt like? what can i do to stop happening these quarrels? what can we do? I usually want to scream, talk, etc, but i stop and ask myself: “what next? would this phrase help you solve the problem?” Don’t waste time saying things that won’t work to become happy:) So, I de-clutter (write) thoughts on the paper till the boyfriend is back and happy to here me again:)


I work thouroughly, so usually at the end of the day the only thing i want is rest. If i have problems at work, i write ideas about how can i solve them. Or if I dont have enough time to do my work intime, then i write what i do at work and reorganise the work.


RSS – is my best friend! I adore learning something new! Fashion, design, advertising, photo, italian, web-design, etc. So, i write all that long list and then organise it by priority what i want to learn first:)

Finally, I have time to learn what i want:)

Home stuff.

Cleaning, preparing food, …you know what i am talking about. Again, I make a list with all i need to do about the house. Then I start doing small things:) The list is becoming smaller and finally dissapears! I don’t demand to have everything done during the day, because i will panic again that have no time!


1. brainstorm about the topics that can bother you

2.  now be more specific about the problem (describe it, think of it, make a list)

3. write your solution (make the list by priority)

4. do your solution:)

I like to de-clutter my brain before going to bed. Then I feel refreshed and happy! Even if i didnt solve any of the problems, i am happy:) My thoughts are organised as books on the shelves. Great feeling! Try it:)

If somebody understands russian, you can read how i de-cluttered my thoughts yesterday:

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