Creative Ways to Use Your Curtains Beyond Your Windows

Curtains, like any other decor piece in your home, shouldn’t be limited to a single role. There are so many beautiful and creative ways in which you can use curtains to decorate your home. After all, curtains are simply large swathes of fabric, and depending on the colour and pattern could lighten up or pull together the design theme of any room.


If you’ve moved into a new home and found your curtains don’t fit your new windows, or you simply bought new ones and now have the old ones left over, don’t throw them out! Here are some fun ways to use your curtains in other areas of your home…


Curtains can create a sleeping space so perfect you might find yourself hitting that snooze button a couple of times. Canopy beds are popular the world over, but you don’t need to buy a new bed to enjoy the same experience.


Curtains can easily be used to give the illusion of a regal four-poster by hanging them from the ceiling around the bed – you may need to install railing to do this but it will be well worth the effort. Curtains around the bed give a sense of privacy and cosiness, as well as adding a touch of flair to your design.


Curtains can be used in place of walls, for example if you live in a studio apartment and want to create distinct areas within your space. You can either use a rod or a tension cord to hang the curtain.


Curtains can also be used in place of doors to create a seemingly more open environment while retaining some privacy.



Do you enjoy having a television, but wish you could easily hide it away when it’s not in use? Roman blinds actually work perfectly for this; simply attach them to the top of whatever unit your TV is in and you’ll be able to roll them up or down in seconds.


Hanging curtains by your bookcases can also work to add another dimension to the room and can be drawn to hide any messy or cluttered areas when visitors pop round! If your wardrobe doors aren’t working for you then why not use a curtain to hide your clothes away instead?



Hanging thin, patterned curtains against a wall from ceiling to floor is an easy way to bring pattern and detail into your room while avoiding the possibility of overwhelming wallpaper. Simply do two or three stripes along the wall, help up by a tension chord. You could also do some layering and have a thin curtain hanging on top of a thicker one against the wall.


Have you used curtains in your home in any other creative ways? Let me know below!


Estelle Page is an interior designer who loves finding new ways to decorate her home. She also blogs for websites such as Mark Harris Furniture.

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