Create the perfect family room

Time spent with the family is precious; especially with so many of us leading such hectic lives that such time together is rare. So it makes sense to create a family room that is a warm and welcoming space for you to spend those moments of relaxation in together when you can.
Often, a family or living room is quite an easy room to fashion into a sanctuary or cocoon. If you have a room that doesn’t lead to any other rooms, or out to the garden, then so much the better for that den-like quality.

Sofa Combination

The most important pieces of furniture in there will be the sofa and armchairs, or whatever kind of seating you choose. This will depend on the number of people in your household. You may want a corner sofa combination so that you can all snuggle up together, or you may prefer the look of two sofas separated by a coffee table. Much will depend on the dimensions of the room, and what fixed obstacles you have to work around – like the position of radiators and window frames.

Group Sofas

Group Sofas


Unless you’re in the minority of the population who don’t own a television, most family rooms need a space for the TV, and the best place is usually a TV cabinet or stand. These can be chosen to be in keeping or in contrast with other items of furniture in the room. For example, you can choose oak for a TV unit, bookcase and coffee table in your family room or have a modern looking glass TV stand to contrast against the wood. You can buy cheap oak TV units online and you’ll find that many retailers provide whole room set collections, so you can buy coordinating items from the same range.

Home TV

Home TV


Console Table

If you have a big room that you want to give a more cosy and intimate ambience, then you can fill empty spaces with attractive pieces of furniture. For example, a console table can break up a blank section of wall.

Console Table

Console Table

On the other hand, if your room is short on space, think about getting a floor to ceiling shelving unit that could also incorporate the TV and DVD player, as well as providing plenty of storage for items like books and display for ornaments.
Think carefully about what would work best in your family room before making any purchases that you then have to work around. With a little forward planning, the end result will be a great rec room for all the family to enjoy.

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