Comfortable Airplane Interior

Did you think about comfort in the airplane: airplane bedding, pillows, blankets and even what pattern is used? I was surprised to know that special departments and psychologists work on the interior of the plane. The issue of the comfort in the airplane is very important, especially for those who are scared to fly. Some of you already know about red color and it’s active energy. What do you think would happen when airplane interior would become red instead of blue? I guess people would feel very nervous, because inner emotions of scare are already of the fire element and red airplane interior would increase these emotions. Not quite good for the airplane and it’s comfort.

So, now you should know that the group of designers working on the airplane interior should think of the passengers. Restful patterns and colors are used, soft bedding, etc. They combine a lot of colors, patterns and textures to create really comfortable airplane interior.

Did you notice that the ceilings in some airplanes are made of gentle curves? Such pattern is repeated in the cabins, luggage and side walls.

Airbus A-380 interior, Emirates Airline

Airbus A-380 interior, Emirates Airline

Airplane interior design

Airplane interior design

Airplane interior wooden tables

Airplane interior wooden tables

Inpirational trip in luxury interior

Inpirational trip in luxury interior

Private airplane inside

Private airplane inside

Shelly Zundell is a senior manager in Teague – thefirm that designs airplane interior for Boeing Commercial Airplanes. So, she says that curved shapes look friendlier and give the feeling of safeness, while edges will give the sense of danger.

Psychological studies show that some colors are associated similarly in different countries. For example, blue and green colors are related to peace, while lavender and pink colors associate with love and finally nobility is connoted with blue and purple colors.

Designers specializing in colors concluded that lighter colors  may make things large, higher or wider. For this reason some rooms are colored in beige, because small rooms will look larger when colored in light colors. Bright lightning also gives such effect. And when we are talking about dark colors, it will give opposite effect – things will look smaller, narrower and lower. So dark rooms can look gorgeous only when have a lot of space. Small rooms with dark interior will only bring depression. And you don’t need it at all!

Now let’s take colors separately. Orange interior will make the person feel warmer, blue and green colors – cooler. Pink color gives the sense of sweets:) or sweet life, while blue is cleanness and fresh fragrance.

Patterns are used very softly. Curves is the most popular motif. Designers think that airplane pattern should copy natural patterns. The lightning increased the wavy pattern and this resulted into soft relaxing waves.

Airplane pillow is a different issue in the airplane comfort. The pattern and colors are already discussed, but I didn’t even thought that height of the seat is also calculated in inches for better comfort.

Hope the story about airplane comfort was interesting to you:)

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