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Red, yellow, blue, purple, turquoise….colorful spaces are fun and fabulous. You can add lots of color with home accessories and décor when you want to change up your home’s look. Or you can go really bold and design your entire space around it.

Use color to create feelings of warmth and coziness, spaciousness and everything in between. In this round-up you’ll find bold oranges, jewel-toned purples and blues, as well as color combinations inspired by the rainbow. Hopefully, you’ll get inspired by all these bright and colorful spaces!

Orange you glad to see such a lovely kitchen? Bad jokes aside, orange is a warm and vibrant color and it’s nice to see it used as the main attraction. Orange flowers and kitchen accessories accent the look further, as do the metal wall art pieces.

Fuchsia and yellow accent this quirky living room. While the colors seem to be an odd pairing at first, the two colors compliment each other in a white space that has plenty of white accessories to balance out these two bright colors.

For a really eclectic and vibrant look, pair two complimentary colors together and accent with similar tones or shades to balance out it out. Here, a blue wall, and its compliment, an orange foyer table, are balanced out with a greenish blue floor, and a red and pink wall art.

By the looks of this bedroom, a monochromatic color palette need not be monotonous. The color, called “baker miller pink,” is said to have a calming, anti-anxiety effect.


Now if you happen to live in an apartment and can’t paint your walls anything other than boring beige, gray or white, add lots of color to your space with furniture, textiles and other decorative home accessories. Everything about this room just works so well together for some reason — the striped bedding, the striped headboard, the bright purple area rug…you can tell the home owner has a real sense of panache.

Even if you’re not the slightest bit flamboyant in your regular life, you can still play with color in a way that’s fun, yet elegant. Test the water by decorating just one room in your home in a bright and colorful way to see how you feel, or simply accent the with lots of decorative and colorful accessories. You’ll fall in love with colorful spaces in no time!

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