Choosing the Perfect Candles for your Home

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Candles in contemporary living spaces are more than a traditional light to see. They can be used to dramatic effect to add light, colour, fragrance and a sense of identity atmosphere. Finding which candle for your home is best is not difficult when you know what you looking for. This article has tips to choosing the perfect candles for your home.

Choosing the Perfect Candles for Your Home

Living RoomCandles are a very personal choice and take some thought to fit in with your homes décor. Candles look great placed anywhere, but with a little extra care and attention they can significantly amplify the whole atmosphere of your home. Picking candles has an art to it. Not only do they bring the room together nicely but they can quickly change your mood depending on the fragrance, style and colour. There are some simple yet effective elements to consider that will make a noticeable difference when choosing the perfect candles for your home.

Colour Therapy

Consider choosing a colour that will fit in with your accessories and overall décor but some people choose a striking colour that will draw people’s attention or help change their mood. Each colour has its own unique property which can have an effect on us emotionally, physically and mentally. We all know is some capacity of colour on our mood; Reds can make us feel warm and romantic and yellow’s can brighten and freshen up a dark space. Thinking about how you want to feel in a particular room and the mood you want to set has the benefit of sensitising you awareness of colours influence on mood in everyday life and how to better design the world around you. A worthwhile and highly recommended reference is Colour Therapy Healings Colour in the Home.

Fragrance is Vital

Everyone has their own favourite aromas so choose what you prefer – after all it is your home! Scents set the mood of your space in a variety of ways; scrumptious food aromas for the dinner table, sensual rose petal perfumes for the bedroom and fresh sea breeze fragrances for the bathroom. Scented candles are great for hiding unwanted odours of pets, children and your washing bin. For an insight in the effects especially an interesting use of Vanilla scented Oils at


 Types of Candles and Where to Put Them.

Finally, choosing the candle type and placing them so that they look stunning is extremely important. There are many types to consider – pillar, tea lights, votives, dinner, and much more!

Pillar candles are big and chunky and are great for making a statement; they look great as centrepieces on dinner tables with flowers surrounding them. These candles must be placed on a plate to prevent wax on your surfaces.

Dinner candles look great on tables too! They bring a touch of elegance to your room and will look great at special occasions.

Votives and tea lights are great for anyone looking to add a touch of light into their room without having to feel like you need their sunglasses on. I use them in the sitting room so the light doesn’t distract me from my all-important Soaps.

These key elements will help you pick the perfect candle for any space. To recap, they are: Colour, Fragrance, Type of Candle & Where to position your candle. They are both reasons for and points to consider when adding candles to any space that stir the senses and heighten the mood in your home.

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