Butterfly Cakes: beautiful, bright, tasty

Cakes decorated with the butterflies:)

Such cakes will make your party sunny!

When I started to search cakes decorated with the butterflies, I never thought that the world has numerous ideas of just one idea – butterfly cake.

Hope you will like this gallery and you will choose the best cake decoration for your party.

I found cakes for weddings, birthdays and just congratulations with any occasion.

gorgeous cake for the wedding

the cake looks very elegant and stylish

White ribbon and a lot of butterflies on the top of the cake look very fresh.

The cake will easily add great mood to any party.

pink cake for the birthday

A birthday cake with the butterflies is suitable not only for small girls, but for 16year old lady:)

The cake looks very nice and beautiful.

the cake with small butterflies

Small butterflies look very gentle on the cake.

Natural effect gives the feeling as if we are in the field with multiple flowers and butterflies flying around.

White and red cake with butterflies

The white cake decorated with red butterflies is a perfect choice for wedding or any LOVE party.

You can celebrate anniversary of the relations with the boyfriend, husband.

Valentine’s Day, New Year, First Kiss, Date, etc.

big purple cake with butterflies

Purple cake is a perfect decoration of ladies party.

If you add butterfly invitations and gifts, the celebration would be memorable:)

White cake with red ribbon and pink butterflies

If you want to create a great party for your small girl, then this cake is the right choice!

It looks gorgeous and any girl would like to have such cake on the birthday party.

The cake for kids

Kids adore fairy-tales.

This cake is a dream for boys and girls.

They can imagine funny stories that happen in this cake.

Sweat house is a childish dream:)

Cake for the birthday of a mom

Birthday cake for mom is a very responsible thing to choose!

Chocolate – is the best basic element for the cake of your mom, and secondly, butterflies.

Cute cake is a must have for such occasion.

White cale with flowers and butterflies

Such nice and cute cake would be perfect even for the tea evening with your best friend.

The atmosphere would be comfortable for sincere talk.

Funny cake with the butterflies

You can make such cake even at home.

The image of very easy and if it’s not perfect – it’s ok!

It should look soft, because kids like easy but bright pictures.

colorful cake with butterflies

These butterflies look like real.

Skillful cake artist impressed me with this decoration.

The cake looks natural and inviting for eating:)

Art decoration on the cake

Several cakes have very difficult decoration, but it really looks gorgeous.

The more detailed is the cake the more interesting is the party!

You can stand near this cake and just talk about its’ details.

Great choice for any party.

Sweat cake with gentle decoration

Such a gentle cake. Easy, tasty, elegant, classical cake.

You can easily imagine the couple and the party that will have such a cake.

It would be a lovely wedding or a birthday of a woman.

Bon appetite!

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  2. where do you purchase the butterfly that were pictured on the wedding cake also some were pictured colored on cupcakes…so beautiful and spent all day trying to find some…would love information

  3. how could any one person make this???? y cant there b any normal cakes in this…

  4. Hi love the white cake with all the light pink it’s pic #7 if u could please tell me where I can get those butterflies that would be so nice



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