Bathroom Remodeling: Safe Walk in Tubs and Showers

If you want to get in the bath safely and freely, then you will be happy to buy a walk in tub or shower.

Walk in tubs have the wide, outward opening door and low-level entry. You would definitely want to have modern bathroom design. Best interior design ideas are here for you.

Walk in bathtub and shower

Walk in bathtub and shower

It allows to get in and out the bath without any inconveniences.

Before buying and remodeling your bathroom, think about what do you like more: taking a shower or a bath?

Stores can even suggest both options at one time, but it’s better to know what do you prefer.

You will have the bath and the shower in one place and both will be easy to get in.

Bathroom tile should be safe, so choose vinyl tile. It beats other popular choices for safety, comfort, and durability.

Why would you buy it?

Safety is the main reason you should buy it.

Floor level walk in tub

Floor level walk in tub

Safe step

Safe step

This would be great for mom. Shower safety

This would be great for mom. Shower safety

What additional benefits the bath has?

Slip-resistant seat and convenient handles give additional support and stability.

Those who love hydrotherapy session would love to have this feature in the tub.

If you want a special design than there would not be a problem at all.

Specialists in your store will gladly help you to design the most comfortable tub for you.

Compact Walk in Baths

For small bathrooms designers created compact showers and baths.

So if your bathroom doesn’t allow you to have large baths, it still won’t be a problem to place the walk in tub for your comfort.

shower and bath with easy and sage walking in

Bath and shower with safe getting in

Oversized Tub

I would definitely like to have such a bath.

It is so large, that all my bathroom accessories would easily create the spa atmosphere during bathing.

Candles would create the mood for the rest and peace.

bathroom for the safe get in

walk in bathtub with the power seat

safe bath for comfortable bathing

Laguna Walk in bathtub

Your soul and body will enjoy the time and be thankful for your gift while resting in relaxing bathroom.

Empower Walk in Bathtub

The benefit of this tub is in its easily moving seat.

Once the tub fills with water, you can press the button yo lower the seat and enjoy the time.

After the water drains, the power seat lifts you up

Now you can stand up safely.

Bestsellers in Amazon:

Classic tub with the easy walk in door

The walk in classic tub

$1,400 OFF SALE – Walk-in Bath Tub,American Made,Non-Leak,M3060 Dual Whirlpool/AirSystem+FREE BONUS

  • Color White / Biscuit. Safety Grab Bar
  • 17″ Seat Height. Overflow Protective Drain
  • Stainless Steel Frame. Heavy Duty Reinforced Fiberglass
  • Triple Gel Coat Finish. Non Slip Floor
  • Water Fill Max Capacity: 50 Gallons. Free Standing Stainless Steel Support Frame with Adjustable Leveling Feet

Opened Box, American Made, Non-Leak, M2653 Whirlpool System – Chrome, Right, Biscuit

  • Color Biscuit. Water Fill Max Capacity: 45 Gallons
  • Drain Location: Right. Safety Grab Bar
  • 17″ Seat Height. Overflow Protective Drain
  • Stainless Steel Frame. Heavy Duty Reinforced Fiberglass
  • High Gloss Triple Gel Coat Finish. Non Slip Floor

Opened box, American Made, Non-Leak, M3150 Standard Soaker System – White, Left, White

  • Color: White. Safety Grab Bar
  • Water Fill Max Capacity: 45 Gallons. Overflow Protective Drain
  • 17″ Seat Height. Heavy Duty Reinforced Fiberglass
  • Stainless Steel Frame High Gloss. Non Slip Floor
  • Triple Gel Coat Finish. Free Standing Stainless Steel Support

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  1. Compact Walk in Baths – Would like info on the corner tub & shower for smaller spaces

  2. I am looking for a walk in bath with hydrolic seat/shower and jacuzzuifearures. i live in Southern ireland.

  3. We were redesigning our bathroom not so long ago and got rid of our traditional tub. We bought walk in tub and for now (2 years and counting) we can not be happier about that decision.

    I must say my daughters love it… even too much ;)

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