Bathroom Remodeling: Mirrors and Frames

Interior designers, today we’re going to talk about mirrors in the bathroom, their framing and style.

Usually bathroom remodelling takes a lot of time and money.

So I decided to inspire you writing the posts that can change your bathroom.

The main concept of the posts is easy, affordable and new useful ideas for designing.

Bathroom by Komal Sheth

Bathroom by Komal Sheth

Framed mirror in the bathroom

White bathroom with the mirror

Follow the style

When you go to buy a new mirror or just refresh the style of the frame, you should go and know your style.

Does your bathroom have the African theme?

Or do you have romantic interior in your room?

If you have the style, follow it and you will be happy with your new decorating.

Mirrored frame beautiful bathroom

Mirrored frame beautiful bathroom

Frame like the shelf

Frame like the shelf

Choose the color

Most bathrooms don’t have any theme.

Usually the interior includes just one or two soft colors.

In this case take a look at most of your colors and choose the one that will have the color of the frame.

I like to frame the mirror in brown, because it is the less used color in my bath.

So when I add this detail, the room becomes more harmonious.

Wooden bathroom mirror

Wooden bathroom mirror


Large mirror with the black frame

Black mirror frame makes the room look modern

Decoration of the mirror

Don’t be afraid to play with interesting ideas.

You can take coffee seeds and add them to the frame.

This is so easy to do and so cheap to remodel your bathroom mirror.

Tile bathroom mirror

Tile bathroom mirror

Mirror frame made of coffee

Bathroom mirror with the brown frame

Lighting in the bathroom

Light is one of the most important details in decorating.

Your new frame will look gorgeous when it has small lights above the mirror.


Bathroom lighting above the mirror

Lighting above the bathroom mirror

No matter how you choose to decorate your space, you will have great result.

New interior ideas and your unique style creates the most expensive look for cheap.

I believe in you!

Start remodelling your bathroom mirror today:)

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