9 Swedish Interior Design Ideas or White Room Ideas

White room

White room

Elegant and light interior design style is called Swedish Interior.

Swedish style is usually made in white room with classical furniture, porcelain, simple curtains, time worn furniture and natural floor and doors.

1. Colors used in the room

White color is the main color that is used in Swedish interior.

You can also decorate in light blues, grays and greens.

Polka dot wall in the swedish style bedroom

Polka dot wall in the swedish style bedroom

The design of one color may look boring but this style uses interesting furnishes – neo-classical furniture (natural ornaments).

Royal palaces in Sweden used  neo-classical interior.

2. Combines classical and contemporary styles

This combination brings very soft and comfortable atmosphere.

Swedish interior design looks luxurious.

swedish interior

3. Time worn furniture

To make things in such interior look royal, add the time-worn furniture.

You can search for old chairs, tables and repair them for new interior.

Natural living room

Natural living room

Wall molding will fresh up the one-colored room.

4. Gold gilding

Decorations with gold gilding make the gorgeous accent on accessories or furniture.

Picture or mirror  framing would be the great choice for godling.

contemporary room

5. Wallpaper

The color of the walls should be white, soft blue, gray or green.

But you can choose the wallpaper pattern.

The wallpaper pattern should be open and subdued with white base and soft colors of the pattern.

Minimalism bedroom

Minimalism bedroom

Swags, flowers, bows and ribbons is usually used in Swedish interior.

6. Wooden floor

For doors and floor choose wooden materials.

Loft eco interior design

Loft eco interior design

7. Woolen rugs

Woolen rugs will be the best choice to harmonize the interior.

8. Simple sheers

If you want to use draperies then make them simple and light.

Roman shades will perfectly look in Swedish style room.

Kitchen blanco sink

Kitchen blanco sink

9. Natural fabrics

Almost all styles in the interior adore natural fabrics.

Moreover, natural is healthy!

Cotton, linen and silk will be your main fabrics for Swedish style.

10. Crystal lightning

White room can be brighter when crystals are used in the decorations.

Think about crystal chandelier or crystal lamp.

11. Porcelain

You can find many stores of porcelain.

Any kind of porcelain dolls, figurines, lyrics, etc.

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  1. Great article on Swedish interior design! Sticking with one style can be tricky at times, but with these steps you can’t go wrong! I love the idea of adding crystals to help brighten up the room. Thanks for all the great tips! For more Swedish Interior Design tips and tricks check out http://www.swedishdekor.com/_blog/Design_Blog!

  2. Great ideas! Along with these, you could also use intaglios. They could be small singular pieces, or you could clump them together for a bigger focal point. Best of luck!


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