9 Ladybug Artworks

Today we’ll have a piece of summer in our interior blog with Ladybug Artworks.

I really like ladybugs. They are so cute and sunny.

In this post you will find all big photos of it, so don’t be shy and download them.

You can place these photos as your desktop background or print and design your home with such art.

Let’s make several design ideas with ladybug as a basic element.

Design idea #1 Add a ladybug artwork

You can place it wherever you like.

This art will look fresh in the bathroom, especially if the walls are green.

The photo of a ladybug will also look great in the kitchen.

Ladybug birthday

Ladybug birthday by Diane Ozdamar

Design idea #2 ladybug bedding

Such bedding would be perfect for kids.

Don’t buy it if you have a boyfriend or a husband.

Men don’t usually like girlish cute stuff.

They can understand our toys and laces if these things are not related to our boys.

Ladybug wallpaper

Ladybug wallpaper

Design idea #3 Ladybug carpet

Where can you place it?

Such cute rug will look perfect in the bathroom.

I can also easily imagine such rug in the hallway or before the entrance.

But to tell the truth, I don’t like ladybug rugs, because it’s painful to see how we step on this beautiful bug.

Ladybug summer

Ladybug summer

Design idea #4 ladybug birthday cake

You can make the party with the ladybugs on the cakes, decorations like table cloth, curtains, rugs etc.

ladybug poster

ladybug poster

ladybug party

ladybug party

ladybug green grass

ladybug green grass

ladybug artwork

ladybug artwork



Ladybug Art

Ladybug Art

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  1. Great! I didn’t knew it was Diane. Signed that this image is hers

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