8 Yellow Interior Design Ideas for Rooms, Kitchens and Bathrooms

Interior design with yellow colors makes the room look sunny, bright and extremely positive.

You will be full of energy when waking up in such interior.

Cold winter or bad mood will fly away as soon as you visit the yellow room.

Here are several ideas how to use yellow in your decorations.

1. Add the lamp

Warm lighting is always good for your eyes.

Additionaly yellow color brightens the atmosphere in the place where it is used.

yellow lamp

yellow lamp

2. Modern Shelves

Paint the shelves in your favourite color.

It can even be the animal print.

The main thing it should have – your colorful mood.

yellow shelves

yellow shelves

3. Paint the walls

If you don’t want to change the furniture than painting the wall will be the easiest thing.

Choose the wallpaper or the paint and now you are ready to change your interior.

yellow interior design walls

yellow interior design walls

4. Add black and white paintings

If your walls are too bright, you can soften the look adding black and white paintings.

Use your inspiration and taste for choosing the arts for your interior.

warm walls interior idea

warm walls interior idea

5. Wide Wall Stripes

Stripes look modern and stylish if they have 1 neutral color and 1 bright color that you like.

wide yellow stripes bathroom interior

wide yellow stripes bathroom interior

6. Wall stickers for new atmoshere

I guess you already saw the range of stickers in the stores.

So it won’t be a problem to find the style for your modern new interior.

wall stickers in the yellow room

wall stickers in the yellow room

7. Yellow Furniure

The best interior for changes if black and white.

If you already have it, you can buy any bright furniture.

One yellow chair will change the look of your apartment immediately. Try it:)

bright chair in the interior

bright chair in the interior

8. Yellow Kitchen

For those who like to chat in the kithchen yellow color is the most positive for tea time.

yellow small kitchen

yellow small kitchen

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  1. Hi! Do you know where the yellow lamp is from? :)

  2. Coral by Studio Aisslinger, but I didn’t find where to buy it. If you are near them, then you can call and hope they can sell:) aisslinger.de


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