7 Seductive Ideas to Make Your Bedroom a Boudoir

All you need is love, as the Beatles so rightly sang. And who can argue with that?

7 Seductive Ideas to Make Your Bedroom a Boudoir

Without getting sentimental or compelling you to reach for the bucket, that sweet thing called l’amour is still capable of bringing a smile to your face and setting our heartbeats all a-flutter. No need to relegate these romantic gestures to Valentine’s Day either – why not create a seductive and romantic boudoir bedroom design you can sleep in every single night of the year?


Mood is so important when it comes to creating the perfect atmosphere, so carefully chosen lighting arrangements can make all the difference in creating an enticing, seductive and alluring space.

Soft lighting and dimmer switches are good, but candles are even better, creating a glowing aura and ambience that’ll have you melting in to each other’s arms faster than the candles themselves!

If you’re worried about setting fire to your house, get that same soft, reddish glow by adoring your table lamps with a semi-sheer, red organza fabric cover! Plus points if you add a lace trim or hand-sewn beading so it looks truly deluxe.


Well-positioned curtains or beautifully arranged drapes can add an appealing and even seductively mysterious allure to the boudoir bedroom. Don’t just keep them for your windows – check out some creative ways to use curtains in other areas of the home!

Curtains can also sound proof external noise and act as a natural light diffuser to invoke a more romantically intimate vibe – nothing kills passion like hearing traffic and next door’s stereo blaring in through your window!

Incense Sticks

You can buy a five-pack for a pound, so there’s no excuse for not filling the room with the fragrant and odorous wafts of sandalwood and patchouli!

If incense isn’t really your thing, why not buy a decorative pot plant or two? They can add vibrancy and life to an otherwise dark corner of the room, and will make it smell lovely and fresh too.


Not for vanity purposes, but rather placing mirrors at certain points around the room can add mood and depth to the room, and it will also reflect the soft light from the candles.

Mirrors are great at making a small space look bigger too, so if you want to recreate a sumptuous and sizeable boudoir in your box-sized bedroom, position mirrors where the natural or ceiling light will bounce off of them and into the dark corners of the room.


Okay, it’s not really interior design – but then a truly great design affects more senses than just our vision, and what could invoke a romantic and seductive atmosphere better than a few well-chosen luuuurve tunes?

Barry White, of course, is the master of the sensual song, although certain passages of Mozart or Bach can add an air of classical and cultured tranquillity to your love den – especially if you’re going for the classical French boudoir look.



The centrepiece for the entire boudoir bedroom, decorating the bed with the best covers and colours is essential. Pearl, gold and bronze and good colours to whip up your amorous inclinations, as are red, black and white.

Whilst there shouldn’t be a price on love, unfortunately there is, and satin and silk are expensive materials. Opting for the cheaper (though equally as comfortable) alternative – sateen – is a good idea.

Don’t forget to make the bed as sumptuous as possible with plenty of ‘layers’ – top that satin bedding with a decadent throw and a mountain of soft cushions! To keep the look unique rather than clichéd, buy an assortment of mis-matched cushions from different retailers, but all in the same colour scheme to bring the look together.

Feng Shui

However sceptical you might be of the suggestion that shuffling your bedroom furniture two feet will make you feel better, you can at least take heed of some the basics to achieve a sense of peace, balance and harmony to your love nest: avoiding clutter and channelling your positive energy, for example.


These are just a few ideas to get those pheromones fired up, but I’m sure there are plenty more suggestions to decorate the bedroom to transform it in to your personalised love den. Can you think of any?


Estelle Page is an interior designer and hopeless romantic who’s always redecorating her bedroom! She blogs for Oak Furniture Superstore in her spare time.

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