7 Folding Screen Room Dividers

Room dividers is the great way to separate working and resting areas.

Dividers will look perfect in small and big rooms.

Big rooms have a lot of space and  usually people rest and work there at the same time.

So room divider can visually create two rooms.

For small rooms the dividers are also good.

Small rooms need to combine functionality and comfort, but it ends with the mess.

Room divider will harmonize the space and make it look ordered.

Types of the dividers:

Folding Screen

Folding screen stands on the floor.

When two person live in one room the privacy floor screen is a good and easy interior idea.

If you want to change your clothes or just relax after the hard day you can place the divider between you and the person you live with.

Most popular Folding Screen Dividers:

1.1 Mirrored Folding Screen

mirrored folding screen

mirrored folding screen

1.2 Faux leather Screen

faux leather room divider

faux leather room divider

1.3 Fabric Room Divider

canvas folding screen

canvas folding screen

1.4 Wooden Screen (Bamboo, Cedar)

bamboo room divider

bamboo room divider

1.5 Plastic Divider

plastic room divider

plastic room divider

1.6 Glass Divider

glass screen

glass screen

1.7 Paper Room Divider

paper folding screeen

paper folding screen

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  1. Would love to know where to find the mirrored folding screen pictured in 1.1

    Thank you.

  2. Please tell me where I can find the cedar bamboo screen 1.4. Thank you.


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