7 Creative Storage Solutions

Bio: Estelle Page is an interior designer with a passion for improvisation! She favours quirky, unique designs, and always has her nose buried in the latest style magazines. We all feel like we’ve got too much stuff. It overspills from drawers, clutters up our worktops and gathers ominously at the foot of the stairs. But if you’ve sorted until you dropped, it’s time to turn to storage for the answers. Some of these ideas will help you to hide your possessions from view, while others will allow you to display them proudly. Embrace these unusual storage ideas and you’ll discover that even clutter can be stylish!

1) Re-purpose Old Boxes

Re-purposing is very fashionable at the moment, so be sure to have a look around your house for old items that can have a new life providing storage. With a bit of handiwork, old boxes and crates can be turned into everything from bookshelves to coffee tables. A great way to create some really original living room furniture!

old boxes

Image by: Boa – Franc

2) Mount Garden Planters to the Wall

This idea is perfect for the kids’ bedrooms, or playroom, where you have plenty of soft toys that seem to poke out of every box. Rather than hiding them all away, choose to display them instead. By mounting garden planters to the wall your kids have easy access to their favourite toys, and you have an easy way to tidy them away. You can even paint the planters cheerful colours!

3) Curtains for Cupboards

Curtains for Cupboards

Image by: Tami Hills

In small spaces curtains can often work better than doors. It’s easier to get to your possessions, and done right it can look very classy! The key to making it classy isn’t just the material you choose, but also the way the curtain moves along the rail. Make sure the curtain’s movement isn’t clunky, as that’s the easiest way to make the effect look cheap.

4) Make a Jewellery Pinboard

Forget expensive jewellery stands; why not create your very own D.I.Y. jewellery pin board from scratch? Put your jewellery on display like it deserves, by framing it in all its glory. There are several tutorials online where you can customise the background with anything you want. Your pin board can become a piece of artwork! Much better than hiding all your pieces away in a jewellery box, and a great way to quickly select what to wear! Oh, and nothing gets damaged either.

5) Use a Ceiling Mounted Pot Rack


Ceiling Mounted Pot Rack

Image by: Chalon Handmade

Rather than filling up your drawers with pots, pans and utensils, why not utilise your kitchen space better with a mounted pot rack. If you’re feeling ambitious you could have a go at making one from scratch, but they’re also readily available to buy. I really love this idea and I think it creates a great centrepiece to a kitchen, while freeing up space for food!  

6) Hang up your Shoes

As you’re already hanging up your pots, why not try hanging up your shoes too? Turn a coat hanger into a shoe hanger, and you can transform the way you store your shoes. Storing shoes on rails is a great way to easily find what you’re looking for, and can save lots of space compared to lying them down.

7) Create a Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are really on trend at the moment, and what better way is there to display old cards, notes, quotes and pictures, than by framing them? Dig out lots of old frames (or go shopping for some more) and create a beautiful art gallery in your own room. Mismatched sizes and shapes work great together, but it can sometimes be good to have an over-arching theme to bring it all together, such as similar colours or just the same style, whether that’s modern and sleek or super decorative!   I hope you’ve enjoyed these suggestions, and that they inspire some very out there interiors in your homes! Do you know of any more unusual storage ideas?

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