6 Tuscan Interior Design Ideas

Tuscan is the new interior style that we’ll talk about today.

I will give you basic ideas about how to create Tuscan interior.

If you like warm climate and old interiors then this style is specially for you.

1. Natural Interior

Eco-friendly furniture, textiles, walls, floors, etc. are met in Tuscany interiors.

To make the room look comfortable, choose the decorations of soft and warm colors.

Wooden or bamboo blinds will be your natural curtains.

For the floor you can choose laminate, Brazilian walnut or red oak.

Antique rugs would also give the unique atmosphere to your Tuscan style.

Tuscan entrance

Tuscan entrance

Tuscan Interior Design

Tuscan Interior Design

2. Warm Colors

For natural look the colors should be also natural.

Choose the colors of the wine – dark red, the color of the stones and the trees – dark greens, and gray.

In such design the fireplace will be the additional element to show and feel the luxury of the old times.

Beams overhead is also the style of Tuscany.

Tuscan dining room

Tuscan dining room

3. Metal Interior

Usually interiors that have natural elements as the basic principle for decorating, don’t use rough metal.

In this interior the situation is not the same.

The unique and interesting idea is to use metal in furniture.

Metal furniture will continue the interior idea of the old times.

The furniture shouldn’t be perfect.

This is Tuscan at it's best

This is Tuscan at it’s best

Tuscan bathroom

Tuscan bathroom

The old scratches and the old paint will additionally harmonize the room.

Antique  furniture costs so much and only rich people can afford it.

But I know the interior designers that created their own antique furniture.

You need to find the old chair, table or the sofa and bring new life into it.

Now you room looks royal.

Interior design ideas for Tuscan Interior

Interior design ideas for Tuscan Interior

4. Old interior accessories

If you like Tuscan interior then you are surely the person who likes old things.

Now all things that are sold discounted can be brought to your interior.

multiple shower heads

multiple shower heads

Some old things may look boring in one interior and look gorgeous in the another.

So search for accessories that you like and decorate your life.

5. Black and white photos

Black and white photos or any art will also be the element for decorating your house in Tuscan style.

Find inspiration in your albums or any site that is devoted to old times or classical art.

Tuscan Interior Room

Tuscan Interior Room

6. Geometric wallpaper

Use squares or lines in this interior.

Classics means a strict interior with no curves and soft patterns.

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