6 Ways to Make Your Living Room Look More Expensive

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It’s an inescapable fact that all of us have to live within a certain budget.  After the rent’s been paid, the cupboards stocked up, and the ancillaries tended to, there’s not a lot left in the kitty for an over-indulgence in life’s opulent luxuries.

Times might be tough and those belts might have to be tightened, but when it comes to looking after the home, such budgetary restraints could actually work to your advantage.

With less to spend, you’re likely to be more feverishly eagle-eyed for a bargain and more cash-savvy for a good deal. It literally can be a case of less is more.

So don’t let life’s financial frugalities hold you back. Make your living room look a million pounds – with a budget price tag.

Not Going For Gold

The colour of money may be gold (though of course we’re in thrifty times, so don’t see much of it), but it really has no place in the living room. And while gold might be a colour that sits proudly alongside bling-encrusted rapper videos and Donald Trump’s headquarters, when it comes to the living quarters it’s an absolute and categorical no-no.

So instead of going for gold, opt for silver.  It stands out and looks classy without at all looking cheap or excessive. Mix it with other strong colours for a truly opulent effect!

Other colours that are sleeker, classier and easier on the eye than gold include brushed nickel, metallic grey, and chrome.  Multiple gilded frames can be a real eyesore, but a stylish triptych or cluster of silver-plated photos in frames of different sizes looks classy and sophisticated.

Shake ‘n Vac No More

Carpets have been sliding out of fashion for quite some time – and it’s easy to see why. They absorb odours, trap and hold dirt, and can very easily be stained (how many times have you scrubbed vigorously to get that red wine stain out?).

Vinyl flooring is the perfect solution the old carpet-based dilemma: it’s easy to clean, looks chic and stylishly contemporary, and most importantly won’t put too frightening a dent in your wallet.

Furthermore it’s available in practically any colour or pattern; it can also very effectively recreate the more expensive look of marble and hardwood.   It’s this versatility – as well as being durable and fire resistant – that makes it a no-brainer for quality and style on a budget.

Blooming Marvellous

There’s nothing that adds an air of freshness and vitality to a room than a bunch of flowers. A freshly cut and presented floral display can galvanise a room in a way no tacky looking plastic plant or decoration can. For personality, comfort and warmth you’d be hard pressed to find a better addition than a bunch of blooms – and they even make the air smell sweeter.

Plus, regardless of the décor, they’re easy to change to adapt to the look and theme of a room.  You can pick them depending or seasonality, or to draw attention to specific areas and items of furniture in the room.

Wonders of White

When it comes to creating a totally neutral, clean, and uncluttered ambience, white is the way to go. And it goes with anything.  It can make a nice contrast to accentuate other coloured components of the room (a vase, for example). As long as you keep it all spic ‘n span and dirt- and dust-free, you’re on to a winner. I love some of these classic designs.

Of course, you can use colour in combination with white to create an emotional and vibrant space, with rich colours, white jewel tones, and light hues adding extra depth to a room.

The Horrors of Hoarding

Many pleasant and even posh-looking rooms have been cheapened by needless clutter and hoarding – so take down those unframed posters and put your remote controls and video game consoles in a cupboard or drawer. Most of us are guilty of having magazines strewn across surfaces and tables – and let’s be honest, that looks unsightly. So organise and stack your magazines. If you don’t need them, throw them into the recycling bin.

Get a Handle on Things

When it comes to making your living room look outstanding on a budget, it’s important to pay attention to every detail – and badly chosen door handles can detract from an otherwise immaculate room.   There are plenty of stylish, high quality and affordable door handles available, so there’s no reason you can’t choose handles that complement and enhance the overall aesthetic of your living room.

Obviously regular mopping, dusting and vacuuming also go a long way to giving your room that extra shine and affluent sparkle, but these ideas will stand you in good stead for making your space look great without having to fork out a fortune.

Can you think of any other budget-friendly ways to make your living room look expensive? Share in the comments.


Estelle Page is an interior designer who loves her home to look opulent without having to dip into her overdraft.  She recommends Handles4Less.  


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