5 Strange Rooms: Interior Design Ideas

When the life goes smoothly and nothing happens in it, we start thinking about the changes in our lives.

Boring interior should be changed to something active and strange.

Ideas can be found almost everywhere. Today I tried to inspire you with 5 unique and really strange rooms.

1. Wooden ceiling

Can would be strange? Yes, and you can see it!

Everything that is laying in the garage, everything that you see can become your new ceiling.

Go and decorate your room. I’ve chosen candies. Now I have pretty and tasty ceiling:)

wooden ceiling

wooden ceiling in the strange room

2. Circles all over the room

Take one of the main forms: triangle, rectangle or the circle and paint.

The more circles you have the stranger the room will look.

The interior will look mystical.

I am not sure that you’ll stay their for more than an hour, but it’s worth trying to get new emotions.

Green room

Strange green room in circles

3. Painting on the wall

Any strange scene that you can imagine can be placed in the interior.

For example, you have the list of images that you like.

Take the most craziest image and decorate your ceiling with it.

Strange and scary ceiling

Scary and strange ceiling of the room

4. Clothes become the walls

Take your favorite look and get started.

Do you like big black roses? Go and place them all over the room.

Do you like stripes? Go and created the stripy room.

Stripy room

Room is full of stripes

5. 3D Wall

Some wallpapers look so naturally that they scare a bit.

It seems that you lay in the dark forest.

Wallpaper is the easy and quick method to change your room.

Wall interior design

The wallpaper as if the nature is in the room

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