5 Christmas Table Decorations

Regal Christmas Border Print Tablecloth

Christmas table is not the main but one of the most importand decorating parts of your dining room.

This place needs to be bright, show happiness and create comfortable atmosphere.

Let’s see how we can decorate the table for Christmas even if you are on a  budget.

We’ll start from the basics.

Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decorations

1. Christmas table – Red, Green, White colors

Use these tones while choosing any decorating elements for your room for this holiday.

Suppose don’t want to buy any new stuff,  but you really want to make your celebration unique.

In this situation you can find all stuff that has these main colors.

Next, we go to the second step to in designing your room.

Xmas Table

Xmas Table

2. Christmas table – Tablecloth, Table runners and the Napkins

Now you need to see what is the biggest part that needs to be decorated.

In our post about Christmas this is the table! It seems evident:)

So if you already have the cloth of green, red, white or silver – go and design your Christmas table with it.

For those who are going to buy the tablecloth or napkins in the store, choose the one you like.

This piece should give you the sense of the holiday and joy.

Christmas Table

Christmas Table

3.  Christmas table – Candles, Candelabras

Candles would be the most suitable decorating element.

If you have numerous natural light around the room, you would definitely receive Christmas atmosphere.

I found the candelabras made of the faux wood in candelabras.com. They look gorgeous near the fireplace.

Large candle tree is also from this tree and you can only imagine what magical light it will give.

In our case, we need table top candelabras. They are high enough to stay safe.

I would choose the “Branch candleholder”. The reason is the natural look of this item.

A piece of nature inside of the house is a rare thing in our days, but you can at least make the feeling of the forest in your dining room.

Christmas Dining Room

Christmas Dining Room

4. Christmas table – Angel, Santa Animal Figures, Xmas scenes

For the whole look of the happy celebration, you would need to add several magical figures to your table decor.

If you want to make this look natural, then buy the angels in different poses and sizes.

You can add a series of creatures that are assosiated with Xmas.

I will help you to memorize every figure you can add to your design: angels, animals, santa, disney figures, snowmen.

5. Christmas table – Bowls, music boxes, buildings

Additional items would make the WOW effect.

When you enter the room with numerous decorating things you will definitely stop at the entrance and look around.

The dining room will look like a dream place: colors that you uses, the ornaments, figures and any other idea that is in your head will shock the guests.

Imagine the photos that will be after Xmas. They will be unique, because everybody would not believe that you designed the room and the table with your own hands.

Christmas photos will help you to imagine what exactly should be at the end.

Wish you all the best!


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