31 Small Spaces Making Big Statement from Apartment Therapy

Living room with accent wall decor horns and pink leather sofa.

Adrienne's Loft Life — Small Cool

Adrienne’s Loft Life — Small Cool

Kitchen mirror with minimalistic rug.

Alexandria's Creative Pursuits — Small Cool

Alexandria’s Creative Pursuits — Small Cool

Bed with bookshelf as room separator.

Amelia's First Home — Small Cool

Amelia’s First Home — Small Cool

Organic bedding in the room with french window.

Amie, Emma, and Francesca's

Amie, Emma, and Francesca’s

Small kitchen design with diy wall decor, marble countertop.

Ashandra's Architectural Character — Small Cool

Ashandra’s Architectural Character — Small Cool

Small loft design with dining area.

Ashley's Vintage Character

Ashley’s Vintage Character

Attila's Budapest Abode — Small Cool

Attila’s Budapest Abode — Small Cool

Modern light near the tufted sofa.

Caitlyn & John's Little Luxuries

Caitlyn & John’s Little Luxuries

Canvas printing, poufs near the fireplace.

Caleb's Country Club — Small Cool

Caleb’s Country Club — Small Cool

Luxury bed with crystal lighting fixture.

Chloe's Creative Collaboration — Small Cool

Chloe’s Creative Collaboration — Small Cool

Abstract wall art, fur stools, vintage sofa.

Christina's Unified Dynamic — Small Cool

Christina’s Unified Dynamic — Small Cool

Small kitchen design with rustic lighting.

Eve's Gorgeous Courtyard Light — Small Cool

Eve’s Gorgeous Courtyard Light — Small Cool

Area rug with wave pattern, color palette on the wall, folding screen.

Jessica's Turn of the Century Charm — Small Cool

Jessica’s Turn of the Century Charm — Small Cool

Small dining room design with beautiful pillow set.

Jesyka's Room for Four — Small Cool

Jesyka’s Room for Four — Small Cool

Bedroom with wooden headboard and custom rug.

Kyle's Teeny-Tiny City Home — Small Cool

Kyle’s Teeny-Tiny City Home — Small Cool

Dining room with feather vinyl stickers.

Laura's Beach House — Small Cool

Laura’s Beach House — Small Cool

Small living room with mirror and wooden chair, mid-century chair.

Leslie's Selective Splurges — Small Cool

Leslie’s Selective Splurges — Small Cool

Niche bed in eco design room.

Megan's Chic Converted Garage — Small Cool

Megan’s Chic Converted Garage — Small Cool

Home library with handmade rug, modern table lamp.

Meghan's Creative Solutions — Small Cool

Meghan’s Creative Solutions — Small Cool

Natural printing, vintage furniture, coffee table on the wheels.

Meg's Perfect Size Apartment

Meg’s Perfect Size Apartment

Home balcony with palm view.

Melinda's Mountain View Sanctuary — Small Cool

Melinda’s Mountain View Sanctuary — Small Cool

Living room with wall collage full of photos and prints.

Melissa's Cozy Retreat from the City

Melissa’s Cozy Retreat from the City

Minimalistic design with brick wall and canvas photo prints.

Mickey's Exactly Enough — Small Cool

Mickey’s Exactly Enough — Small Cool

Designer chairs, modern lighting fixtures, tufted sofa.

Mike's Penthouse Perch

Mike’s Penthouse Perch

Modern chandelier, black and white canvas photo prints, clear console, fur throw.

Mike's Penthouse

Mike’s Penthouse

Green upholstered sofa, good book organization, ikat rug.

Minetta's Living Large — Small Cool

Minetta’s Living Large — Small Cool

Custom rug, leather folding chair, white floor lighting.

Molly's Bright & Open Design — Small Cool

Molly’s Bright & Open Design — Small Cool

Velvet chair, home library wall, are rug with Moroccan print.

Petri &  Elizabeth's Petite Patterned Home

Petri & Elizabeth’s Petite Patterned Home

Flush mount lighting, Scandinavian design.

Sandra's Rich History Home — Small Cool

Sandra’s Rich History Home — Small Cool

Red dining room stools, granite countertop, mini pendant lights.

Tim's Bright Colors — Small Cool

Tim’s Bright Colors — Small Cool

Red furniture, marble floor tile, white ceiling.

Yoppi's Successful Plan — Small Cool

Yoppi’s Successful Plan — Small Cool

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