19 Interior Ideas for White Rooms (Part 1)

White room is the most popular interior in our houses.

What can you do with it to fresh up the atmosphere?

Follow the interior design ideas and tips from Zvezdochka.

1. Use soft textures

Easy texture gives the design softer and innocent style.

Try this tip and you’ll see how comfortable you will feel.

White room is associated with elegant and warmth, so clear lines are ideal to create relaxing design. Arco floor lamp that was designed long time ago is still popular and is looking like a flower. Metal table is an excellent choice for the interiors full of texture and soft materials. You would rarely find leather sofas in white designs, because they seem to work better with luxurious style.

You can play with all carpet ideas, because color is your accent in the design.

calm, refreshing, timeless color

calm, refreshing, timeless color

checkered floor, Love chair

checkered floor, Love chair

fur on sofa

fur on sofa

Lighting - Kelly Hoppen

Lighting – Kelly Hoppen

modern kitchen with one MASSIVE kitchen island

modern kitchen with one MASSIVE kitchen island

Modern living room design

Modern living room design

Scandinavian kitchen

Scandinavian kitchen

big plants and soft textures white interior

big plants and soft textures white interior

2. Bright colors

White room is a perfect base for any ideas you can imagine.

Any bright color you choose will look brilliant.

Just stick to one color in decorations and you’ll see how cool the room will look.

white room with bright colors

with bright colors

3. Add black to white

Classic room will always look stylish and modern.

Add black colors in furniture or buy the black chairs, blankets.

Kitchen is the most common place to use simple colors. They are easy to clean and visually enlarges the room. Countertops are likely to have the light color and marble will perfectly combine style and quality.

white room with black and white furniture

classic furniture

4. Flower pattern

Patterns should be used attentively, because too much of patterns will look too massive.

You can start from buying cheap decorations and see if you like flower pattern in your room.

white room flower pattern

5. Strange shapes

Sofas shaped in triangle, curves or any other strange form will make mystical mood.

Everything can seem ordinary in the room but if you add white sofa of the strange shape, you’ll win.

unordinary shaped sofa white room

unordinary shaped furniture

6. Interesting Rugs

The more you experiment with shapes and colors in the white room – the better.

I am sure that you always wanted something weird in your room.

It’s time to start.

rug in the white room

modern rugs

7. Red color

Passionate color for passionate people.

If you like to take a risk, do it.

Add reds to your interior.

red color for white room

red colors

8. Plants

Choose the plants that you like and decorate your windows and shelves.

If you like flowers – go with them.

If you like trees – they would also be great.

Leaves? It’s your choice, so it’s correct.

plant white room

add plants

9. Pillows

The easiest interior design idea is to add pillows.

You can choose any color you like or you can even choose the theme.

I like sunny tropical theme, so sandy color and palms are mine and they will be shown on my pillows.

pillows for white interior

pillows for white interior

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  1. Dear Sir,Madame,

    I would like some information regarding pictures 1, 5, 6 and 8. Is there a website? If yes, send me the link please. If you a have a brochure on PDF, that would be very welcome too.

    Looking forward to hear from you.


    Mr Yce

  2. I would these through google images, so unfortunately don’t have these links saved.



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