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qi - trademark for wireles power company“Qi”, a Chinese name for an intangible energy flow, or vital energy, has been chosen by the Wireless Power Consortium as a trademark and logo for the first wireless power standard.

The Consortium has decided to introduce a uniform symbol to be placed on electronic devices that can be charged wirelessly. Such a sign would instantly inform a user that the device supports the wireless power charging standard.

A Chinese character for “Qi” is a widely used in Feng Shui concept, and may be translated as vital breath, or life energy. The Wireless Power Consortium chose Qi Energy to become a synonym of wireless power chargeability.

While the latest prototype will be tested only in September 2009, the Wireless Power Consortium plans their newly developed standard to become globally recognized, and used for low power devices like mobile phones, that are 5W and below.

So, now Qi in not only the flows of energy, which Feng Shui practitioners are trying to harmonize, but also a sign of interoperability between wireless power transmitters and receivers. The Wireless Power Consortium has optimistic plans for the future, and believes that Qi stations are to become essential attributes of offices, hotels, airports, and homes, as well as a part of the world’s infrastructure.


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