What makes the Verpan Fun so special?

Its designer Verner Panton

Scandinavia and design… the two go hand in hand. Scandinavia has already produced numerous designers in the past. One of these designers, better call him design myth or design legend, is Verner Panton.

Verner Panton

Verner Panton

The Danish Verner Panton belongs to the same generation designers as among others Arne Jacobsen, Finn Juhl and Poul Hennigsen. They were mainly active in the middle of the 20th century, a period in which Europe was flying high economically. Panton, together with his design colleagues, put the Danish design on the map, and today the world is still loving his creations. Nowadays you can turn to the brand Verpan if you like to acquire a lamp or furniture designed by Verner Panton. The brand Verpan is completely based on Panton’s old timeless designs.

Verner Panton (February 13th 1926 – September 5th 1998) is seen as one of Denmark’s most influential designers. Panton designed pretty much everything, he created rugs, chairs, tables, wallpaper, lighting,… He was one of the first designers that wanted to combine functionality with emotions. His designs are therefore always characterized by their organic shapes (few straight lines) and striking colors. The Verpan lamps are all about emotions and atmosphere. The Verpan Fun collection is the perfect ambassador for the Verner Panton design style.

The Fun lamp, Verpan’s crown jewel

The Verpan Fun 8DM is without a doubt the crown jewel from the Verpan range. The Fun 8DM is a rather voluminous pendant light that contains approximately 15 000 mother of pearl shells. In the initial production process this mother of pearl was dried in the Philippines. With this lamp Panton wanted to make a connection with the sea since his father had always been a fisherman.


Verpan 8DM

Verpan 8DM

Where does all the fun come from?

Panton envisioned a lamp that is beautiful and of value for an interior, even by day. Because of this reason he chose to use mother of pearl. Where a normal spot or lamp is “dead” when switched off, the Fun is constantly providing dynamic and subtle sparkles. The lamp looks different with every glance. This makes the lamp emit life and emotions, typical for the Verpan designs.

Verner Panton wanted his lamps to offer more than just lighting. By creating the Verpan Fun he succeeded in uniting light and sound. The small mother of pearl shells are happily ticking against each other with every slight breath of wind, and by this they produce a cute and restful sound. You can enjoy this sound during the night as well as during the day.

There’s a Fun for every home

Due to its 200 cm height, 100 cm diameter and 77 kg weight, the Verpan Fun 8DM is not exactly the most convenient lighting fixture. To make The Fun collection attainable for homes with normal ceiling height there have been made many different Fun variations. In normal homes people usually choose for the Verpan Fun 10DM and 11DM. The Verpan 10 and 11 are the ideal mood makers for enjoying a pleasant dining with family or friends. Like we’ve already told the Verpan lighting is all about atmosphere.


Verpan 10DM

Verpan 10DM


The Fun pendant lights offer different versions. The Verpan Fun 3DM for example is a fixture that exists of three mother of pearl clusters. The Fun 3DM is 240 cm high and is therefore often placed in the corner of a room. Consequently a ceiling at normal height will not pose any problems. Because of the fact that it covers the complete height of the room, it looks like a sparkling pillar of light.


Verpan 3DM

Verpan 3DM

The Verpan Fun lamps are true eyecatchers in an interior. No visitor will go by without noticing them. This makes them the ideal conversation starter as well. Besides pendant lights you can also find table and floor lamps withing the Verpan Fun range, as well as Fun lights with metal shells instead of mother of pearl shells.

Designed in the past, made for tomorrow

Despite the fact that many of the Verpan designs already exist for 40 years, they still perfectly fit in the contemporary context. The Verpan lamps are timeless. They are designed in the past, and made for tomorrow. Therefore investing in a Verpan fixture is always a good idea, these types of fixtures retain their value at all times. In Scandinavia these pieces of design are passed from generation to generation, becoming true family pieces. By adding emotion, color and even sound, Verpan tries to go beyond lighting.


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