What is interior design?

Interior design is the study how to create beauty around us at home. If you want to decorate the outdoors, than you need to call for exterior designer or landscape designer.

Interior Designers and Where do they work

There are numerous corporations and small firms that are interested in hiring the specialist.

Sometimes interior designers create their own company. Both cases are great  for the designer.

It is up to your situation whether you can start your own business or you should go to the corporations.

Usually desigers in self created firms work much more, because they earn money that they can’t loose and relax when they want.

But if everything goes fine, the company will become stable and the director (interior designer) may control the work of the employees and that’s all.

Travelling is the part of interior designer’s work.

professional interior designer

professional interior designer

They can to travel to the client, the place that will be renovated and exhibitions to improve their working network and get new ideas for designing.

Interior can earn $30 000 to $70 000 per year.

Everything depends on their experience and reputation.

Interior styles

There are hundreds of styles. We can name basic interior style, but they are divided on numbers of other substyles.

So when you want to redesign your interior think about the style you would like to have: Victorian, Islamic, International, Modern, English, etc.

Currently designers mix the styles, but they still look harmonious and beautiful.

TV Shows

The most popular shows related to designing, decorating and architecture are: 60 Minute Makeover, Changing rooms and Selling Houses in UK, Trading spaces in USA, Divine design in Canada.

You can also watch the whole channels created for interior designing fans: Home and Garden Television (HGTV) and Discovery Home.

The shows that are created by the famous designers is also not the surprise to the today’s world.

interior designers work

interior designers work

Designers vs Decorators

We interchange these items very often, but they differ a bit.

Designer has more work with plans, drawn information, etc. I would say the designer has more job to do.

Decorator is doing more job with finishings and furniture.

The purpose of the designer is to create comfortable and beautiful place for living.

This includes the designing of the walls, ceilings,  flooring and decorating furniture, finishes.

Interior designer is a historical profession, but they worked with royal and aristocratical interiors.

If you don’t like designing, then you can hire the interior designer. It’s not a problem at all for today’s world.

But if you like this theme, you can take online courses or attent interior design school, you can also start from reading the books.

To tell the truth, reading the books didn’t give me the knowledge and feeling that now I am the interior designer.

I would advise to choose the interior design school, because the teachers can help you and answer to all of your questions, additionally they tell you their stories and share the experience they received.

How much work designers can do?

If you need the complete bathroom remodeling or at the contrast, partly remodel your kitchen, then you can hire the designer in these both cases.

They can do a small and big tasks. It’s just the question of the price.

Professional designers need to know psychology.

It can be difficult to understand what exactly do you want to have after the renovations.

The great range of the stores, materials, colors can look so confusing.

Interior designer should help you to stay calm and choose what you like without panic.

Important knowledge for Interior Designer

interior design project

interior design project

Interior designer should be

– engineer

– artist

Designer is good at







overseeing the ordering

installation, and maintenance of all objects that define a space

Additional skills

should be in electrical capacity, construction and safety.

Interior Design Schools

105 colleges are located in the United States and Canada and universities are accredited by the Foundation for Interior Design Education Research.

Interior designers must also be familiar with federal, state, and local interior design codes (involving such issues as capacity, flammability, and stress levels).

Prospective interior designers must pass the qualification exam given by the National Council for Interior Design.

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