Robin Baron – Interior Designer in NYC

Robin Baron is an interior designer from New York.

She created her Interior Designing Company 20 years ago.

I decided to write a post about her, because she has very interesting designing ideas.

She is very talented and popular in the internet and offline.

Numerous magazines talk about her, she is an author on several famous websites.

You can read all details about Robin Baron at “Robin Baron Design “.

Bedroom by Robin Baron

Bedroom by Robin Baron

Design #1 Romantic

What I like in this design is calm atmosphere.

Blue colors should be used accurately, because they can lead to sadness.

But here we can see how perfectly blue colors is combined with beige.

Pillows are framed with blue.

Curtains are also have just leaves in blue, but not the whole curtain.

The lamp looks very beautiful in this interior.

But I think it will look great in any room.

Round glass  bottom of the lamp gives the sense of the fresh air or a sky.

Design #2 Relaxing

Those, who like to meditate can use this designing idea.

Place the statue or an object that give you the feeling of comfort and relaxation.

Place two vases with flowers of two colors: light and soft plus bright and passionate.

It’s very simple to DIY, so you can try it any time.

Robin Baron's portfolio

Robin Baron’s portfolio

Design #3 Soft

It is so important to have a lot of light in the bathroom.

A lot of ladies spend hours there and need to have an appropriate lightning for dressing up.

Robin made this bathroom look  gorgeous as if it is the bathroom of the goddess.

Luxury interior design

Luxury interior design

Design #4 Commercial Design

I like the sofa, where the pattern is properly designed.

You could notice that there are no chairs, just a sofa on the one side of the tables.

But the pattern makes the sense that the chairs ar standing there, separated by beige wall.

Commercial interior design

Commercial interior design

Design #5 Fresh Interior

Simple decorations give the atmosphere of home.

And it doesn’t matter that this can be the design of your friend or neighbours.

When you site at such table with all these easy to do decorating, you will feel as if you are at home.

Beautiful interior design

Beautiful interior design

Thank you to Robin Baron for such great interior designs!

Robin Baron Interior Designer in New York

Robin Baron Interior Designer in New York

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