Interior Design NY from Interior Designer Amanda Nisbeth

Hello my dear visitors!

You know that New York is such a gorgeous city.

You can only imagine how gorgeous are interior designs NY.

Today we’ll talk about Amanda Nisbet, the interior designer in nyc.

Amanda - Interior designer NY

Interior designer NY – Amanda Nisbet

You can view her site with insiring portfolio and contact information here:

Now let’s go to interior designs that Amanda created.

interior design nyc

Interior design nyc

Interior designers after the long years of studying feel what should look good.

You can see how beautiful the living room can be.

The designer usually uses ordinary things to create comfortable atmosphere for families.

I am not sure if black wallpaper  is the design that I wished I had.

But Amanda has a balanced view on things and she perfectly designed the bedroom.

Remodeling interior

Remodeling interior

One of the best and easy tips to remodel the room is to place various vases.

In this case you need to buy vases of one style.

Let’s suppose you like glass with no relief on it.

Now choose the colors that you like.

Go to the store and look for glass vases but with different colors and shapes.

Now if you have such combination of vases that have one style in it will create calmful atmosphere.

Moreover, your room will look with unique and personal style, as if the most famous interior designer created it.

interior design ny

Interior design NY

Can you imagine that you enter the man’s room and it’s pink?!

Of course, not:) So this Amanda’s design is for girls.

You can have white living room and decorate it with curtains and the chair of one color.

The texture is also very important for designing.

The softer room you want, the easier the cloth should be.

What’s great about interior designing is that you can change it as often as you can.

You can try pink curtains and then change them to green if your mood is “greeny” today.

interior designer amanda

Interior designer Amanda

Classics: black and red colors in the design.

You can use these colors if you want to give the gorgeous look to your room.

Secondly, add big pictures with the golden frame.

Thirdly, add pillows of white color.

Don’t buy red or black pillows, because you will  have too much color in your bedroom.

amanda nisbet red living room

Amanda Nisbet Red Living Room

If you like soft colors than you need to add peach and warm colors.

Black table will make the room deeper.

The atmosphere will be comfortable for drinking tea and reading.

Be inspired!

Add the mood to your rooms.

Interior design is the way to make your life successful and easy.

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  1. Hi Amanda, I randomly came across your name and am amazed at how many Nisbets, Nisbetts, Nesbitts,and Nesbits there are who have artistic ability. Just in my nuclear family there are two art teachers including myself, my aunt Dorothy (deceased) who was artistic, my uncle who was a color expert, my daughter Veronica who is an illustrator of children’s books and a pre-press tech. There must have been a very talented Nisbet/Nisbett/Nesbitt/Nesbit in the past. I am on facebook with a Don Nisbett who is a practicing artist out in California too. I think it is fascinating that one can see this talent working through a whole lot of the clan. Anyway this is kind of a weird email. Just thought you might like to hear about it from someone who loves to gather this kind of information. Have a wonderful day! Janet E. Nisbett

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