What kind of lava lamps should you buy?

Lava lamps is one of the most popular human invention for fun.

We usually are borded of ordinary things and that’s why lava lamps appeared between custom lamps.

Yes, you still need the bright light, but you also need the joyful rest.

There are several top reasons to buy the lava lamp

A. Your working space should be freshened

B. You want to surprise your boyfriend or girlfriend with the romantic night

C. You like to dance and you want to have new light while having fun

D. You just want to buy something new and cheap

The fan of lava lamps

Great fan of lava lamps

So what kind of lava lamp do you need? or want?

A. Glittering

Do you like glamorous life?

Pink color is your favourite?

Do you like dancing?

Then glittering lamp is the perfect choice for you.

You will be insired every time you watch the lava moving up and down.

The atmosphere of happiness will be flying in your room or near your office desk.

small glittering lamps

Bright glittering lava lamps for parties

B. USB lava lamp

Do you need the mini/small accessory to change your desk decor?

Usb lamp will be comfortably used on your desk.

You will just need to use your ordinary PC or laptop to light it.

usb white lava lamp

Mini usb glittering lava lamp

C. Giant/big lamps

Surprise your beloved with the giant lava lamp.

What would they say entering the room where such a big lamp with bounsing lava is standing?

They won’t have any words! They will be positively shocked.

So prepare a cup of fresh juice to make them feel better:)

small lava orange lamp

Orange lava lamp looks great

D. Color of the lamp

Colors influence our lives a lot, so be prepared to choose the lamp of the appropriate color.

Blue lava lamp would be the best choice for the relaxing situation.

You can buy it and use when you read, write the diary, the letter to your love.

Red lamp would be great to active your life.

Sometimes we feel tired and lazy.

Red lava lamp will activate your mind, so you can take this lamp for working space.

Such lamp will insire you.

Pink lamp is an easy fun color.

It will be suitable for the present to girls or kids. Don’t forget glittering lavas:)

E. Occassional lava lamps

If you want to have the party with lava lamps, then you can buy special lamps.

Bob Marley lamp

lava lamp for the occasion

Bob Marley Lava Lamp

Tiffany Lava lamp


gorgeous tiffany lamp

Lava lamp Tiffany

Obama Lamp


Blue lava lamp of the president

The lamp with bottle opener

The lamp with fishes

It’s your choice to buy mini or giant lamp, with one color or multiple, but believe me that this funny item will change your mood.

The lamp can insire you, relax and even dance with you.

Have a great day!

Small things make our lives enjoyable.

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