Unique Gift Idea – Story of a lifetime

Story of a lifetime $59.95

best christmas gift
The story of  a lifetime chronicles a person’s life by asking questions.

From the simple to the provocative.

It asks almost 500 questions.

A great tool for self-discovery and reflection.

The memoir is appropriate for all who want to learn more about themselves.

For those who want to pass along their discoveries to the next generation.

The story of a lifetime includes a family tree section.

384 pages

160 of 164(98%) customers would recommend this product.

“Just received my 2 copies today. Liked looking through the book and am going to order two more. I have 4 children. I am going to write in the books for them to have. Of course, there will be a time when their names will be in the books, too; as I talk about their births and the meaning for me. Great books – but will keep me busy! Book is good looking; the gold edging makes it look important; page lines are spaced nicely and make it easy to write on. I may be pasting a photo or two on some pages in spite of the lines. Questions in book certainly cover many topics. The book will mean much to me as I write and recapture.”

snowflake in Alaska

“What a lovely gift for my daughter and her fiance to journal their new life together!”


“This is an amazing gift for anyone at a life milestone. I gave it to my husband I found out we were pregnant with our first child and I think it will be an amazing book for him to complete and pass down to our kids. Since then, I bought it for both of my parents and my grandmother. I would love to give it to my other grandmother, but she is a native spanish speaker and I think the book might be difficult for her to complete. I wish they would put this book out in spanish!”


“I plan to give this to my husband for Christmas, and I hope he will fill it out with me so we can give it to our grown children.”


“Will make a great homework present for the grandparents!”


“My husband and I purchased two of these books to give to our parents the night before the wedding. We felt it was the perfect present – they could tell their story and then pass it along to us as we told our story of our new life together. The gift wrapping was exquisite and we were incredibly pleased with the entire gift.”

The Newlywed

“The Story of A Lifetime is a lovely book, well made and well thought out. It is great for setting your own story for history and/ or your children and certainly a nice gift to give.”


“Bought this book for my husband for our 1st year Anniversary. He totally LOVE it. We can’t wait to complete the book together. He told me that he always wanted this type of book but didn’t know that it exists. I’m so happy with my purchase.”


Story of a lifetime $59.95

best christmas gift

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