Memory Foam Pillows for Him/Her – the Best Gift

Today is St.Valentines day!

Happy celebration to all of you, my dear readers:)

The post of the day is about the memory foam pillows.

I decided to write about them, because they are a perfect gift for your boyfriend/girlfriend and anyone you care about.

    Wake up feeling rejuvenated with Memory Foam Pillow.
    Just as your back needs the support of a Foam mattress, your neck and head need the support of the matching pillows. Your neck and head are vital parts of your body.
    They have been proven to provide the comfortable support your neck needs.
    These pillows have been known to help reduce or eliminate headaches.

Advatages of the Pillow Gift:

– restful night of sleep on a memory foam pillow

– Pillow provides therapeutic contoured support

a girl sleeping on a memory foam pillow

Soft memory pillow

- Hypoallergenic urethane foam is resistant to dust mites and bacteria, hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial

– Unique patented Italian formulation incorporates open cell structure for a unique supportive feel

– Pillow mirrors your natural shape and provides ample support

Top Pillow Brands:

Stacks & Stacks

comfortable pillow for the car

Car pillow for the restful sleep and trip


Memory Foam Do’s and Don’ts:

To maximize memory foam expansion; remove from packaging within 72 hours of receipt.

This product arrives very tightly packed. Please unwrap and allow 48 hours for this product to return to its original shape.

Being sealed in plastic packaging sometimes traps odors. A few hours of airing usually removes the odor.

Due to machine cutting manufacturing processes, there may be slight variances in the dimensions of this product.

Lowest price is EUR 21.41

Highest price to buy the pillow is EUR 136.16

Top Seller is EUR 28.77

Restful sleep without the headache

The pillow for comfortable sleep

Top Reviewed for EUR 58.61

Soft Material

Viscoelastic mattresses are so soft and they mold to your body, giving you the sensation of floating on a cloud.

How many times have you woken up in the morning with a sore or tight neck? If you’re anything like me, it happens almost every day.

That is probably because you are using a regular pillow to go with your regular spring mattress.

Just as you need a mattress that molds to your body’s every curve, you need contour pillows to do the same.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews:

Review from England

Looked at all of the memory foam pillows offered on this site and decided to get this one, great price and buy one, get one free! When you first see the pillows, they look small compared to ‘normal’ pillows, but when you use it there is plenty of room to turn from side to side. Slept soundly from the first night, excellent neck support and very comfortable.

Review from USA

I bought the pillow because I have problems with my body temp and this doesn’t help with getting a good night’s sleep.

First, I am enjoying the pillow. It is at just the right height for my neck, the firmness is very comfortable. So I am still using this pillow, it has replaced a regular (sort of) pillow and a feather pillow that I was using to try and get the right height and right firmness. So I am finding myself very pleased with it.

If it were just for the comfort level without the ‘cool’ property I would easily give 4 if not 5 stars.

soft pillow

The pillow that reflects your neck and shoulders

Review from the USA

I was in a car accident years back – shattered a windshield with my head. I’ve had neck pain on & off since then and I’ve tried several pillows, most of which I was dissapointed with how they felt. This pillow is exactly what I was looking for. In fact, its so comfortable and “cool” that my wife began stealing it from me in the middle of the night. So I had to order a second one. I recommend this pillow to anyone who sweats at night and/or wakes up with a stiff neck.

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