Kitchen Remodeling: 25 Tips choosing Sink

What do you think should be the starting point for kitchen remodeling?

The easiest way is finding kitchen remodel contractors.

But you still need to know which style do you want to create, their quality, pricing, etc.

Kitchen remodeling theme for today is a sink, choosing blanco sink.

High quality products and uncompromising customer satisfaction have always been a fundamental component of BLANCO’s corporate philosophy.

As the pioneer in the German Blanco sink market, they carried out certification of their Quality Management System in the Composites Division as early as 1995.

sink from Blanco company

Black Blanco Sink

USA users can buy Blanco Sinks in this store:

For UK visitors please visit this store:

So let’s get to sink types in Blanco.

No doubt about it . . . this is the most frequently used area in your kitchen.

It’s where you’re likely to be standing at as family and friends gather in the kitchen before a meal.

Sink made of stainless steel

Steel sink is durable

It is also a visual focal point, sure to be noticed by all who enter your kitchen.
Today’s design options provide both style and durability.
Elegant sink space

Elegant sink space

Kitchen sink

Kitchen sink

Kitchen white

Kitchen white

Silver faucets

Silver faucets

Sink inspiration

Sink inspiration

You can compare sinks following these criteria:

  1. Material
  2. Color
  3. Style
  4. Dimensions
  5. Number of bowls
  6. Configuration
  7. Depth
  8. Instalation style
  9. Custom Accessories:
  10. Colander
  11. Cutting Board
  12. Sink Grid
  13. Crockery Basket
  14. Plate Stack
  15. Decorative Accessories:
  16. Soap/Lotion
  17. Dispenser
  18. Strainer Baskets
  19. Coordinating Faucet
  20. Manufacturer:
  21. History
  22. Quality
  23. Product Portfolio
  24. Service
  25. Warranty


Benefits of stainless steel

Durable and timeless, sinks are popular for their clean, modern look as well as their resilience.
From contemporary to classic, steel works well with any type of décor and complements almost any countertop or work surface.
Black sink for the kitchen

Blanco modern sink

It’s also the ideal choice for coordinating with professional style appliances.
This material not only looks sleek and professional, but it wears well too.
It’s hygienic and easy to maintain.
More durable than porcelain or cast iron, and it is highly resistant to heat, stains, and rust.
Because steel is a forgiving material, it’s easy on dropped dishes and glassware.

Stainless steel sinks are easy to care for.

Water spots and mineral deposits can be prevented by rinsing thoroughly after each use and wiping dry with a clean, soft cloth.
Non-abrasive cleaners such as BlancoClean are ideal for regular maintenance.
Gorgeous white blanco sink

White blanco sink

Sinks will show day-to-day wear, including minor scratches.
Over time this wear will become uniform with the sink’s grain, creating its own unique character, much like the
patina on fine silver.


Be sure to ask about warranties when shopping for your sink.
Premium quality stainless steel  s i n k s   a re   o f t e n   b a c k e d   b y   a limited lifetime warranty.

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