Glass Doors Interior: Intimacy, Beauty, Waterproof

glass door in the gorgeous interior

Currently we don’t even think that glass is very gentle and can’t be used in interior.
You know that a lot of stores have glass doors. Numerous musical clips have passionate scenes hiding beside the glass doors.

New Canaan Residence by Specht Harpman Architects

New Canaan Residence by Specht Harpman Architects

Glass doors are also the best interior decision to give the sense of intimacy. Art galleries adore glass doors because their base can be easily used to show creativity of the artist.

Why would you want glass doors?

Intimacy of the glass

No matter where would you place the glass door: in the shower, kitchen or the bedroom, the interior would look very sexy. Some secret would constantly flow in the air.


Glass doors look very gorgeous when art is added using the glass.

windows and doors from the glass in japanese style

Benefits of glass doors

Not fragile

Did you think that glass doors are fragile? Now it is not true. Companies use special materials that make the glass very strong. And you won’t need to worry about its’ long time usage.

Glass doors to the living room

Glass doors to the living room


Secondly, glass door is waterproof. If you want to have such door in the bathroom – no problem! If you want to have it in the kitchen – no problem:)

beautiful glass door with the white decoration


Thirdly, glass doors can be colorful. A lot of people use stickers  for interior to freshen the look of the room. But unfortunately this can make the room look poor. You need to buy really good-looking and costly stickers that would suit your interior. But you have better choice to freshen your room interior –   glass door:)

White door

White door

Elegant door made of glass

Elegant door made of glass


And finally, glass doors can be used in different interior styles.

Garden glass doors

Garden glass doors

White glass doors to the home library

White glass doors to the home library

perfect glass door combined with wood

According to feng shui glass doors are not very good, because energy escapes immediately and doesn’t stay in the house.

If you have such door at home then you need to close it with curtains or wooden blinds from time to time.

This will make the room atmosphere more comfortable.

lovely glass door

Personal Opinion

I like glass doors, but I would choose the doors that are just partly decorated  with the glass. Colorful design is a huge advantage for me, because i am an active person and adore bright colors everywhere:)

Wish you all the best!

And easy choice of glass doors.

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