Garden Benches: Outdoor Wooden and Stoned Benches

stone benches with the great view

What benches would you choose for your garden?

Maybe by color, or you will choose by the materials?

Either way the bench in the garden would look terrific!

Garden benches colorful

Garden benches colorful

Sitting on the bench in the garden or the park, reading a book and drinking hot tea or coffee.

My best days include such memorable calm action: reading, enjoying, dreaming.

beautiful bench with the pillow

Each bench looks very nice.

Tumbled cement blocks with wood board for quick DIY garden bench

Tumbled cement blocks with wood board for quick DIY garden bench

If it has simple design, you can decorate the bench with the pillows.

Pillows on the bench can be combined with the colors in your garden.

The colors would be soft and warm.

Purple and Green Color Inspiration

Purple and Green Color Inspiration

Orange and red would add comfort to any garden and this cosy place for talking, reading or just dreaming.

bench with chairs and tea table

White outdoor furniture looks gorgeous.

It seems like such benches add the sun to your garden.

A great benefit is that you can choose any decoration to such garden furniture.

White color is perfectly combined with classical black, hot red and positive yellow.

Garden benches

Garden benches

I think that big pillows in the garden are on the top of the list for garden decoration.

Sitting on the bench with big pillows would give the sense of comfort.

outdoor bench

Benches that are made of metal look not inviting at first glance.

But when you add some curves to the bench.

Then you add beautiful color.

Build your own garden bench

Build your own garden bench

You would have incredible result.

The main advantage of such bench is that it would look perfect in any weather.

Rain or snow would even add romantic  mood to the outdoor metal bench.

Just don’t forget that you need to have warm covers or a fireplace near the metal bench.

Making fire near the wooden bench can spoil at least your outdoor furniture. So be attentive.

While metal bench is the perfect choice for garden and people who adore warm nights near the fire.

stoned benches in the garden

Benches made of stones is the furniture that can be used forever.

I personally don’t feel relaxed in such gardens.

But who knows, maybe I just didn’t see great stoned benches in great gardens:)

People decorate gardens with the stoned benches combining with the stoned paths.

You can easily imagine ancient times and people eating meat on these benches.


beautiful bench in the garden

Romantic place for everybody who loves life.

A lot of people are so busy that they can’t stand these curves and romantic style.

I would say that people who are truly happy and calm would like such bench.

Wood is the material that is responsible for stability.

If you like wooden things then you like stability and want to be with it.

Let’s add more romance and comfortable things to our life:)

We live to be happy! So be happy!

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