Five Very Good Reasons to Install Hardwood Floors

I have heard all the excuses and all the arguments against hardwood floors, and frankly, I have been able to debunk them all.  Yes laminate looks similar to natural wood, at least at first, but give it a few years and see if it still does. You see, I’ve been installing both laminate and hardwood floors for years now in my area, and most of these East Hampton Homes are lush with real hardwoods – In my opinion, they are the most feasible and attractive option for many reasons.

Hardwoods that were put down in the 1940s are still in great shape if they are maintained. There was a time when hardwood was only seen in the most formal of rooms, but now with a much larger variety of styles and colors, a hardwood floor is perfect for any room in the house, including the kitchen and bath. The real beauty of genuine hardwood is when your friends come over and see what I have installed; you will find that your house is the center of the neighborhood.

After investing in hardwood, the upkeep is almost no different than laminate; just sweep daily with a soft broom and then only an occasional wood floor cleaner done by a professional, and this only once a year or so.  Do this and you will find that your wood remains in great shape and will look as good as the day you had me install it.  Try that with laminate and over time it will start to show wear, especially around the edges of each plank. Also, any scratches or gouges on laminate require the entire plank be removed and replaced because only the top coating is waterproof, but with hardwood, the waterproofing permeated the wood so that even a deep gouge will not weaken the integrity of the wood.

Another argument is that hardwood is more expensive. If you look at just the price of the material and the labor, yes my hardwood installations are more expensive, but remember that you have to live in this house after I install your floor. Expect the carpet you have installed today to need replacing within five years and the laminate within eight. Worse yet, vinyl floors usually show their age after only two or three years.  The hardwood floor I install today will be there when you sell your home, or if you so choose, when you bequeath your home in your will, the floors will go with the house.  An added benefit is the increase in resale value you can expect after I install your floors.

When I install your floor, you will notice that I wear a mask when I remove the carpet.  That is in no way reflecting on you, but rather on your carpet.  Carpets trap dust and allergens and after years of accumulating the carpets actually make the indoor space unhealthy to live in.  Despite what the major manufactures might tell you, no vacuum today completely solves the problem.  With hardwood, this is not a problem.  There are no fibers to trap dust and dander, and there is no way the same stuff can get trapped under the floor; every time you sweep and dust, the allergens will be removed.  Laminate floors will not trap allergens like carpet, but if any water gets under the thin waterproof layer of the planks then you will be subject to a much worse problem, mold.

Fifty years ago the choices in hardwood were oak, cherry, teak, or for the very affluent, mahogany.  While good choices, these did not necessarily fit every room and some rooms just would not look right with any of the choices.  Also, deforestation was a real potential problem.  Now hardwood can be found in almost every grain and style and some of the available woods are very eco-friendly.

Keep in mind that your floor is a major investment and there is absolutely no reason to settle for something other than hardwood.  The floor I install for you will pay you back in both money and satisfaction for many years to come.

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