6 Earring Hangers/Holders/Displays Ideas from Ebay Users

I know how difficult it is for girls to organise all jewelry.

Today I’ll show you the most inexpensive earring holders.

You can buy them on Ebay.

I’ve chosen “Buy it now” option, so you won’t have any problem buying the earring holder after reading the article.

1. Earring Holder from razorknight982

Earring Holder

Earring Holder

Bamboo earring display is with the hanger, so it can be placed almost everywhere in your room.

The material is great, because it is natural.

This item will be shipped from Malaysia, so it will usually take time to wait.

It costs $8.99 with free shipping.

You can try to find this item in your local store.

2. Earring Hanger from gardener55

Earring Hanger

Earring Hanger

Pink hanger is exactly what most girls are searching for.

The ordinary hanger but with the wavy bottom looks great.

This Jewelry Hanger is very compact and you will easily find any necklace or earring you want.

You can hang it on the wall hook, in the wardrobe or back of the door.

How many sets of necklaces, earrings and bracelets do you have?

This holder will easily help you to organize 28 pairs of earrings, 16 necklaces.

Shipped from Australia for AU $18.95.

3. Star earring hanger from hisstuff2

Jewelry Hanger

Jewelry Hanger

Shipped from Near St. Louis, United States

And costs just $3.50

Base is white and gold glitter edges.

4. Tree Earring Holder from jbakerk

Tree Jewelry Organizer

Tree Jewelry Organizer

Buy it now price is $9.99, but currently it is at the action for $6.99.

Golden tree is in good condition, but pre-owned.

The seller has 100% feedback, so I am sure that you won’t face any problems.

Shipped from The Colony, TX, United States.

5. Hot Pink Plastic Jewelry Holder from hisstuff2

necklace and earring organizer

necklace and earring organizer

Plastic holder looks very nice.

It will look great in the interior of the girls rooms.

The holder can have 35 and more earrings on it.

Shipping from Near St. Louis, United States.

I noticed that this seller has a lot of cute organizers.

6. Black Earring Holder from echomerx

Jewelry Holder

Jewelry Holder

Elegant organizer for all your jewelry from 100% Ebay seller.

Be beautiful and live in beauty!

Have a sunny day:)

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