5 Healthy Home Products

More than 50% of homes have at least 6 detectable allergens present, according to the American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology.
Given this stat and the trend towards building and creating the healthiest green home (inside + out), Everyday Health has interviewed 20 design experts and 2of their very own allergy specialists to cover the top 10 hottest healthy home topics, ranging from remodeling and non-toxic household cleaners to pet allergies and gardening.
Check out the full panel onthe Everyday Health Allergy Homepage: everydayhealth.com.
Bio-Net Air Purifier

Bio-Net Air Purifier

In addition to the great tips from the experts, we also got insight into some of the best healthy homeproducts currently on the market. Here are our top 5 picks:

  • Slim-Line Shower Filters (Head): “Often overlooked is the shower filter which removes dirt,sediment, hydrogen sulfide, free and combined chlorine, iron oxide and odors as well as pHbalances the water.”– Ron and Lisa Beres, BBEI, CGBP of Green Nest
  • Examinair Allergen and Mold Home Test Kit: “It is always important to know how healthy yourhome is and what problems you may be facing, especially if someone in the home is sufferingfrom allergies.” – Caroline Blazovsky, CMR, CIE, SDC of My Healthy Home
  • American Clay plasters: “Offers an earth plaster that is natural, non-toxic, environmentallyfriendly and made in the USA. You can even wet the wall to add moisture into the air to replacea humidifier.” –Ruth Delf, ASID, LEED GA and Kathy Hoffman, ASID, LEED GA of Susan FredmanDesign Group
  • Bio-Net Air Purifier: “When my home was checked (as it has been several times) for possiblepollutants, indoor air quality has always been excellent thanks to this top-of-the-line filter.” –Ann Louise Gittelman, PhD, CNS
  • Flor carpet tiles: “So practical and recyclable, fun and affordable.” – Cindy Meehan-Patton ofShelter Ecology

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