18 Room Dividers

Room Divider - ''Hang-It-Up''  - by Adesso - HX1114-01
Room dividers is the necessity for today’s living.
More and more people start to live in small apartments and share the space.
The second reason to have the divider is dividing the space on different zones.
For example, you have a huge apartment but no walls inside it. In this case you would need to separate kitchen from the bedroom or bedroom from the living room.
Anyway, screens are very useful for any home.
I will share top interior ideas how to divide your space at home.

A. Bookshelf

Nowadays people use computers and smarphones for reading, but we still have the shelves for clothes, decorations or any other stuff.
You may use this furtniture as a room divider. White is ideal color for any interior.

white room dividerB. Ceiling Screens

Sometimes they are similar to curtains.

You may choose them when you still want to see all your corners.

They are used just to visually make your home look like all ordinary: with the bedroom, kitchen and office.

transparent room dividerC. DIY Divider

There are a lot of interesting ideas how to make your own room dividers. And to tell the truth, it should be the separate post just for summarizing at least half of best ides.

Today I added the easiest ones.

I guess these below can be made of plastic or thick paper. Creativity is your king:)

space divider


D. Sliding room divider

It’s one of the types that may be interesting to you.

If you don’t want to have the ordinary doors and you no need to close the doors from the noice, then sliders are designed specially for you.

sliding room dividerE. For Kids

 room partitionsF. Modern Divider

Mirrored Room Divider Screen - by Wayborn - 2337R

G. Wooden Room Partitions

room divider panelH. Recycled Divider

privacy screenI. Portable Partition

Portable Room Divider

J. Office Partition

office partitions

K. Stylish Partition

modern room divider

L. Modern Partition

Modern Divider

M. Hanging Partition

hanging room divider

N. DIY Partition

folding screenO. Made of Fabric

fabric room divider

P. Colorful Design

diy room divider

Q. Curtains

curtain room dividerR. Bright Statues

To separate your space you may need just large statues or funiture.To make them useful, rearrange them and place where you need the virtual wall.

colorful room divider

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  1. Where can we purchase the sliding door in the United States, under section D?

  2. Hi . how much is (E. For Kids ) the playroom divider and how can I buy them

  3. Hi!
    Do you have instructions on how to make the sheer curtain cherry blossom panels. Also, do you know where I could get this exact material online.
    Thanks! :)

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