Your Destiny – 4 pillars

chinese astrology destiny feng shui.jpgLuck – heaven luck, earth luck (Feng Shui) and human luck. Can you answer the question: who are you as a person? Are you sure that the job you have fits you? And what if you change you life? People learn 4 pillars for months, there are many details as in every science. We will start to move from the first steps of how to analyze life according to 4pillars. And who knows, may be you will become Professional in this field and will start to help people understand who they are and where they will be most successful.

4 pillars of Destiny or Ba Zi Feng Shui is an ancient method to see what destiny the person has. It is based on 5 elements: water, wood, fire, metal and earth. You should know the year, date, month and preferably time of birth. You should also understand the relations of 5 elements: friendly and unfriendly. Ok, lets start.

Step 1. We have 5 elements. They all have friendly relations and unfriendly.

Friendly cycle:

Water – Wood – Fire – Earth – Metal – Water


Water – Fire – Metal – Wood – Earth – Water

In Feng Shui it is not adviced to use second cycle, but when you analize 4 pillars, you should know both cycles.

Step 2.

Each element have different energy in each season.







Maximum energy


Minimum energy


Minimum energy


Maximum energy




Minimum energy


Maximum energy


Maximum energy


Minimum energy


Earth is not mentioned in the table, because it is the basic element between all. It reaches maximum power every 3 months.

Step 3.

Calculate your 4 pillars of destiny with the help of online calculator.

Here is one of them:

If you don’t know the time of birth, then just dont change anything and we wont count time further. The calculations with the time are more specific, but for the start it is not obligatory to know the time.

Now, let’s see what we have. I will take the date. 18 may 1986 and you just analyze like me, the chart that you have with your date of birth.

feng shui 4 pillars of destiny.JPG

The upper row is Heavenly Stems. The lower row is Earthly Stems.

Specify Personality: Heavenly Day Stem. So, according to this chart, the person is Yang Water. Born in Spring (May). Water element weakens in this period, so the person is with not strong personality.

Specify Yin or Yang person: If we dont count hour column, then we see that this person is YANG. It means that she is active. (Read about yin and yang specifics)

Specify Wealth: take unfriendly cycle.

Water Fire – Metal – Wood – Earth – Water

If the person’s personality is water, then the element that is at the right side of this element in Unfriendly cycle is responsible for wealth. In this case the element of wealth will be Fire.

Specify Authority: again we take unfriendly cycle.

Water – Fire – Metal – Wood – Earth Water

The element that will be before the element of your personality will be the element of authority. Earth will be the element of authority for the person of water.

Specify Education: now we take the friendly cycle.

Water – Wood – Fire – Earth – Metal Water

For person of water the element of Education is Metal.

Specify Creativity: again we take friendly chart.

Water Wood – Fire – Earth – Metal – Water

The next element to water is wood, so Wood is the element that is responsible for Creativety for the person of water.

Later we will discuss 4 pillars Destiny of Famous people.

Good luck!

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  1. My name is Z.Jrgeorge I was born on 10 december 1987 at 8:10 am.I was born in Romania.Can you analyze my chart please.I will be rich?I will be a star?

  2. You will have money almost all life. At 30 you with start having big money, at 40 is maximum profit!
    About becoming a star: you have a chance to become famous at about 30 and 60years:)

  3. Hi,
    My name is MARK, I was born on 16th of Apr 1978
    in India. Could you please help me out by analyzing my
    chart and letting me know about what would be my lucky
    number which could be used. would i be able to be super
    rich, with all power and be famous in this world and do
    good to the world

  4. Sorry i missed out on time in my previous message.
    I was born at 7.55 am on 16th of April 1978

  5. I was born in the year of the Tiger
    I want to know my luck
    My birth date 15-September 1962
    Please check if I am yang or yin and my birthdate is auspicious or not
    Also the 4 pillars whether I am choosing the correct job or not?
    Currently my occupation is Clerk of works for Mechanical

    Regards ,Thanks.
    Peter ang

  6. Sorry i missed out the time of birth .It is 10.45p.m night tiger

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