Sounds in Feng Shui

Feng Shui influences our lives. Music influences us as well, so why don’t we use music to bring harmony to our lives in such an easy way…just listening:)

Feng Shui is the study of the physical structures we occupy and how they relate to the greater forces of the universe. However, the sounds in our environment affect us just as deeply as the physical structures of our house. Many times the energy imprint left by music or other sounds will last long after the sound has faded into silence.

All music carries life force, because sound and tones, activate the Chakras. When you are able to tap your feet and feel the beat, that’s always a good sign that a healing of some sort is on the way. Playing soothing sound of nature can help to relax and inspire you, as their sound waves vibrate the air passing through our own outer Ch’i energy field.

We can experiment with sounds that seem strange at first. If they match our personal rhythms we will know it, for a feeling of well being soon comes over us. We can enhance our repertoire of pleasure music by consciously listening to unfamiliar composers. We should give new sounds a chance.


Music is sacred. Bells are often used during the puja/arti or Sunday mass at church. When bells are rung, their vibration can smooth the passage of Ch’i and redirect energy patterns.

Sound lifts energy. Music, wind chime and Buddhist Bell are excellent sound cures, especially when you like the soothing tone. As the sound vibrates through your body and strengthen your personal energy field.

Natural Sounds

(Water, river, waterfall)

The use of water and sound in front of the house is also highly pleasing. There is nothing like being greeted by the sound of running water. It is helpful in fostering harmonious relationship for the occupants.

When sound waves reach the human body, their pulsations resonate throughout the various tissues. The physical body is much like the sounding board of a piano. Not only the ear, but the whole system vibrates in sympathy with the sound waves that strike it. Whether or not these sounds are beneficial to us involves the quality of the vibrational sound and the sensitivity of the receiving body.

You can add visual imagery to the process by closing your eyes and watching a river shift from a raging torrent to a tranquil current.

Wind Chime

To have Feng Shui advantage of wind chime, it should be made with hollow rods. As the hollow allows Ch’i to rise. Chimes can be made out of metal, bamboo, glass or crystals. Metal chimes are especially good for enhancing your career, which is associated with this element.

Wind chimes can activate yang energy and lessen the negative Ch’i. They can be used to raise energy trapped beneath low ceilings and to stop positive energy from going out doorways. Also ensure that the doorbell of your house has a pleasing tone.

Background music which is quite and unobtrusive can be used when you want to help people relax.

I adore Cafe del Mar, so called Chill out music.

Search Ideas:

Calm Music

Relaxing music

Slow Music

Sounds of nature




Relax and be happy:)

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  1. Absolutely! Music is so powerful in shifting energy in our sacred spaces! The sounds of nature and of our own voice are ways of working with healing energy. I am an artist, designer, and feng shui consultant and lover of all things sacred.
    Thanks for sharing!

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