Power of Pyramids

Feng shui and pyramids are very similar. They both have mystery around. Let’s see what secrets pyramids have and how they are used to change the life.

The Pyramid has puzzled and fascinated mankind since ages. Its history, its size, its engineering and its era have always been a mystery. But most astonishing of all is its function. Why was it built? Why was it only of that shape? How does it work?

Incredible History

A few years ago, examining the body of an Egyptian princess Mene whose body had lain for millenia in Pyramid, researchers determined that her skin cells were still capable of life, though, the princess was dead for almost 3000 years!

The average height of all land above sea level is given to be 455 feet and amazingly the height of Pyramid is also 454.5 feet. (without the capstone) It was built in 20 years ie. 7300 workdays. This means 365 stones were arranged daily or 30 stones every hour for 12 hours a day. It seems absolutely impossible to put and arrange accurately the stones weighing 2-70 tons in just 2 minutes even with our modern equipment.

With the power of pyramid yantra you can explore many ways to money, health and wellness. Two Indians who have been investigating the mystery of pyramids are Dr Dhara Bhatt and her father, Prof Jiten Bhatt. In the word ‘pyramid’, pyra means fire, the Universal Life Energy or cosmic force, and mid stands for middle.

Change of Aura

Experiments and testimonials affirm changes in the mental, physical and emotional states of individuals after exposure to pyramid vibrations. These seem to affect the aura, which is a field of electromagnetic energy surrounding each object, living and non-living. The differences before and after exposure to pyramid vibrations have shown up in Kirlian photographs. There is a noticeable difference in the size and quality of the aura, the photographs being brighter and larger after exposure to pyramids.

The Pyramid Yantra

Says Dr Jiten Bhatt: “Due to our unawareness of the holistic concept of living, we are spoiling the vital etheric body of the earth with chemicals, pollution and nuclear radiation. These affect us physiologically and psychologically.” The pyramid yantra has been developed to rectify this.

The pyramid yantra is a miniature version of a pyramid. It can be a single pyramid or a set (usually in multiples of nine) of pyramids arranged either horizontally or vertically (one above another), called ‘multier’.

Though stone, being natural, is the best material for making pyramid yantras, it is difficult to accurately carve miniscule pyramids on it. Hence neutron polymers are used. The colour of the yantra should preferably be white so that it can absorb energies of all colours of the spectrum. Metals should never be used, as that will short-circuit the smaller pyramids inside.

Pyramid yantras help balance the ‘fa’ (father, masculine) and ‘maa’ (mother, feminine) energies. Their own fa and maa energies are balanced, which harmonizes the space in which they are kept. In turn, the entire house’s fa and maa energies are harmonized. This is because the pyramid yantra, when placed in a room, brings about negative ionization and reduces the proportion of positive ions, thus revitalizing the air.

Power of Pyramids

Most ancient civilizations were aware of these properties of pyramids. Though not as accurate as in Egypt, pyramidal structures have been discovered in Mexico, South America, Himalayan valleys, China, Siberia, Central America, Cambodia, Africa, France, England and the USA. In India, pyramidal shapes were combined with domes in temple architecture. The main idol was placed under a pyramidal rooftop to generate energy in the devotees. Unfortunately, with modern architecture shifting to the flattened roof concept, this unique science of harnessing unseen cosmic energies became obsolete, and with it the knowledge of pyramids.

Medicines, creams and lotions placed under the pyramid become more effective. You can experience healing by simply placing a pyramid over a hurt or wound. If you keep a pyramid atop or sit under one while meditating, it will help attain accelerated and deeper states of meditation. Moreover, water kept under a pyramid gets energized and acts not only as a tonic, but also gives instant relief in skin injuries, insect bites and skin rashes. Petrol, when charged with pyramid power is said to give more mileage.

You can try to draw yourself in the desired circumstances along with the written wish or place your photograph, hair sample, blood sample or any other personal object with the written wish in the pyramid. You can take your wish machine to temples, churches or any other spiritual place for enhanced effect. The most effective way for wish fulfillment is to visualize yourself entering the core of the machine as a light body and envisaging yourself in the desired position.

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