The Most Famous Feng Shui Master – Lillian Too

feng shui master lillian tooEverything I do must result in something good for someone, says Lillian Too

Feng shui has always been a big part of Too’s life. At eight, she was already influenced by her grandmother, who told her never to hang clothes out at night.

When Too applied for a job at Malaysian Industrial Digest, she put a red dot on her form. She believes that helped her beat about 100 other applicants. She credits feng shui for her top-of-the-class performance at Harvard, and for her conceiving Jennifer after 10 years of trying.

“Whatever I tell people and write in my books, are the things I have experienced myself. I have been to all the rich men’s houses in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan,” she says.

“I have seen how every Hong Kong CEO sits with a picture of a mountain behind him. I have seen the goldfish in their houses and how this have changed their fortunes. I did the feng shui for Hong Leong and Dao Heng Bank. I changed the logo and the design of certain things. And the bank has done well.”

Throughout the years, Too has gone to various parts of China to learn Chinese history as well as to deepen her understanding of feng shui. She counts herself fortunate to have met the best masters of the East who are willing to help and share knowledge.

“I never had a master. I know many feng shui masters and am close to some of them. I got some help along the way, but I never had a real master or formal training,” she says.

“Feng shui is all about how you brand it. I can teach you feng shui in a week. I really understand feng shui and I am good at disseminating that knowledge.”

Today, Too is a best-selling author, television personality and feng shui practitioner. She has written over 80 books on feng shui, and her books have sold over 6 million copies around the globe. She is often credited for introducing feng shui to the West.

In 2000, Jennifer started World of Feng Shui (WOFS), a merchandising and franchise company. There are now WOFS boutiques in 20 countries around the world. Jennifer has also been co-authoring books with her mother.

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