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feng-shui-kua-number-direct.jpgKua number is defined for each person separately. People are divided on two groups: western and eastern type. So you can calculate your number by yourself with the formula that will be discussed later in the article, or with the help of a special online tool. The main answer that you are looking for in this article: why do I need to know my Kua number? The answer is very simple. Kua number gives you positive and negative directions that will give you a clue where it is better to sleep for you and work. I will describe Kua number procedure step by step, so that you will become specialists in this question and you will see how helpful it can be for your life. Sometimes, People who don’t understand how Feng Shui is working, but they felt the effect of using Kua number in their lives call Feng Shui cures as miracles. I will tell you examples in the end of the Kua number Article, but I am sure that these examples are not necessary, because you will tell your friend about your personal positive Feng Shui Kua number effect.

Now let’s see how it’s working.

Kua number is counted, according to Chinese Solar Calendar:

  1. Take the year of your birth. For example, 1986.
  2. Add two last numbers of the year till it will become a single number. In this case, 1986…8+6=14, 1+4=5. Exception: If you were born in the first days of February (Spring starts on the 3rd, 4th or 5th of Feb depending on the year), you should take a year, that is 1year less that your birth year. For example, you were born in February 1986, then you should count for 1985. 8+5=13, 1+3= 4. This happens because of the difference between Eastern and Western Moon Calendar. The year in the East usually starts on the 4th of February. So February people should check their result with online counting of Kua Numbers.
  3. For men do these actions: 10 “minus” number you got in the previous step. So, number 5.

10 – 5 = 5 Kua number is 5

Case with February person (step1) with the result 4feng-shui-wealth-money-luck.jpg

10 – 4 = 6 Kua number is 6

For women: “add” 5 to the result you received in step 1.

So, number 5.

5+5=10 1+0 = 1 Kua number is 1

Case with February person (step1) with the result 4

4+5 = 9 Kua number is 9

Online calculations:


Special tips:

If you count the kua number for the boys that were born after 2000 you should “subtract” 9 instead of 10.

If you count the kua number for the girls that were born after 2000 you should “add” 6 instead of 5.

Easter Group Kua numbers: 1,3,4,9

Western Group Kua numbers: 2,6,7,8

The directions are 360 degrees. Kua numbers are used in 8 mansions or Ba Zhai system/concept.

feng-shui-wealth-money.jpgIn the previous articles we use black hat concept, but they don’t use Kua numbers.Kua numbers is more complicated. Feng shui specialist use one of them or combine both of them. You should know black hat method as well as 8mansions method, so that you will choose what is better working for you.

There are 8 directions. 4 of them are positive and 4 other directions are negative.

If you need to improve your health, then place your bedroom or cabinet in the direction that is defined by your Kua number “Heavenly Doctor”. The same actions are done, if you chose one of three other directions: “Life Generating”, “Relationship Longevity” or “Stability”. You can also place bedroom in one positive direction and cabinet in another positive direction.

If you have just one room for Fengshuiing, then you just place your bed, so that your head is pointed to one the positive directions. The same actions are made with the desk where you study or work. Place the desk facing your positive direction.

So, make sure that these areas are in your positive directions.feng-shui-happiness-luck.jpg

  • Sleep with the head pointed towards your positive direction. It will give you the feeling of freshness in the morning.
  • When you work, make sure that you face positive direction, or it can also be as a supported direction if your back faces it. You will be full of energy and creativity, if you sit facing positive direction.
  • Face positive direction while eating.

The best kua number (success/money) does not always mean the best for you. Usually it is bad for people, because this direction can be too strong for you. In Feng Shui, when a chi is too strong, even when it is good, it can be bad for you. It is better to go for the second best direction.

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  1. Juist a small question here
    Am a west group person and in 2008 all the directions for a west group person in the annual flying star is unfavourable – then which direction should i face when am at work/or when am sleeping etc if they are bad stars in those areas. Am kua number 2 and i cannot sit facing any of my good direction this year. What should i do then?


  2. I understand your confusion) I had same question.
    There is a difference between direction and zones (sector).
    1) Directions (is where you look). That is your kua number directions. You should sit and sleep looking to your good directions.
    2) Sections or zone (where you are placed, sit or sleep). Your house is divided on sections, where flying stars are located. So flying stars are in sections, zones of your house.
    If number 5flying star is in the south, then the section of the South is not good this year, while the South direction is always ok.
    So, you should
    1) face your good kua directions
    2) sit in the good zones, according to flying stars.
    If you face good direction, but sit in the bad zone and you cant move the place of work, then you should use cures.
    Dont forget that monthly stars can soften the situation in the section, where you sit)

    Kind regards,

  3. sorry to say but i am lil confused about feng-shui. i dont knowhow it works and how to decide wat directions..I dont know which is the northwest of the house or south or east of it either plz help me..

  4. Hello webmaster! Your Post “ber | Home Feng Shui” is very interesting for me. Unfortunately my written English is not so good so I write in German: Dir, meinem liebsten, geh

  5. I beleavu feng shui. I need to know how we can earn more money because i am working for monthly salary.

  6. Mo,

    Buy the compass, then enter your room and stand in the center of the room. then you will see what directions you have:)


    you should take courses to be earn money with feng shui. Reading of the blogs wont be enough.

  7. I’m a kua number 3…should I face the crown on my head towards south when sleeping? and how would I kno if its too strong for me? thanks

  8. I was born in year 08/04/1970 what is my kua number

  9. desparate for sleep, think my kua number one, just changed bed to west east to see if it helps

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