How to Feng Shui Step 2: Five Elements

How to Feng Shui Step 1: Yin Yang Concept

5 natural elements represent the flow of energies, so called “Qi” or “Chi”. Each element has its special energy and this energy acts like Wood Element, Water, Fire, Earth or Metal. What does it mean? For example, what energy do you feel when imagine wooden forest? It’s stability and strength.If you walk in such big forest alone, you will feel scared. It means a lot of WOOD element in one place. “A lot” or “Too less” of something is not good in our lives. We understand this, because we know Step 1: Yin Yang Concept. In this case, too much wood gives a sense of scare. Conclusion: we need to balance elements in our lives, rooms, houses.

Let’s talk about each element separately.


Wood is represented with Green color, like leaves on the trees. If you need to add wooden element to your house, then you can add green color or flowers (artificial flowers won’t work because they don’t have the energy). You should maintain the plant, because dead plants has no energy.When I need to add wood, I prefer to add plants, rather than green color. But it is your decision to have Wood Element colors or objects:)

Colors: green


Fire is represented with Red color. It has a lot of Yang energy. If you need to add fire element you can add red color, or red light. Candles are natural fire, so are best representatives of Fire Element. But be careful with them. We don’t want real fire in the house!

Colors: red


Earth is represented with Yellow color. The most effective way to add earth is Clay Statue or Stones.They should be balanced with the size of the room. Very big statue won’t look harmonious in the small room (Yin Yang concept).

Colors: yellow


Examples of the metal element: copper, silver, gold and bronze. You can find numerous ideas how to add metal: statues, plates, etc. Just check the shape of the metal. It is good when it has curved shape and rounded corners. Sharp object, like knives can bring aggressive energy to your house. We often hear that wind chimes cure almost everything, all Feng shui specialist use them, but you can rarely find information that when wind chimes are misused they can bring diseases and misfortune.

Colors: white, silver, grey and gold


Did you notice that houses near the water cost more? This is only because of water element. Water element is very important for us. 70-75% of our body weight is water! Aquarium is the most used water element. Fountains are also great when you need to add water.

Colors: blue and black.

How to use 5elements on practice

Step 1: Yin Yang Concept

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