How to Feng Shui Step 1: Yin Yang

I just passed the Feng Shui Basic course:) Now I am ready and happy to share new information about Feng Shui with you:) So in the nearest time you will learn how to choose colors for your rooms, how to choose positive directions for deep sleep, for wealth, health and relations.

I will write Step by step instructions about how to Feng Shui if you are newbie in this field. You should promise me that you will follow all steps. And I promise that I will write the Feng Shui practice part in the end:) So, let’s start. If any questions, ask in the end or on the forum.

Step 1. Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang concept – hot vs. cold, sun vs. shade, fire vs. water, active vs. passive etc. All these things are opposite and can’t exist without each other.

You can’t imagine hot if there is no cold and you can’t be always active or passive. Yin Yang concept shows us how strongly the world is connected and balanced. Our world has no ideal things; everything has a bit of the opposite.

So, Yin Yang concept teaches us to balance all we have in our lives. We need to be balanced inside and we should have balanced surrounding. Houses and flats we live in have great influence on us. We spent half of our lives at home or at work, so it is obvious that it should show who we are and what we fell. Everything s

hould be balanced. Remember this and use in your life.

Ok, now, let’s use Yin Yang concept in Feng Shui.

Check the light

Do you have very bright room and no place to hide from such overwhelming light or your room is similar to the room from drama movies? Both cases should be cured.

For too bright rooms use curtains, and lamps that can diminish the brightness of the light.

For too dark rooms, add lamps or paint the walls with bright colors.

Check the color

How many colors do you have in your room? 1 to 5 or more? Check the colors of the walls, furniture, carpets and other items that are placed in the room. The perfect number of colors is 2-3 colors. They should look harmonious. I will explain in the next lessons how can you choose and combine existing colors.

If a room is painted with dark colors, it is cold and has very little sunlight. Such room is considered to be too Yin and has stagnant ‘chi’. Spending too much time in such room can make a person ill and depressed.

In contrast if a room is painted with light colors, very bright and very warm, it is considered to have too much Yang energy ‘chi’. Spending too much time in such bright room won’t give a good rest to the person, as a result the person will be exhausted.

Check the energy

Does your room have a lot of active or passive energy?

In Active Room: you watch TV, play active games and the loud road is near the house.

Passive room is similar to library with constant silence; just a big clock is heard.

So, you should list all activities that happen in your room and summarize if it’s too active (Yang) or too passi

ve (Yin). Bedrooms should have more Yin – silence, peace, calm interior. Too active and too passive rooms are balanced with light or color. If your room is near the road and it has too loud you can balance it with calm colors in the interior.

Check Sizes

Big furniture is good, but only if you have big living room. For example, when big furniture is placed in a small room, you won’t have space to prosperity. So look at your room and decide what should be moved or thrown away to have free space. The feeling should be “it is so easy to breath in this room”, “I feel I can do everything I wish here”.

Check the Shapes

No sharp objects! Knives and corners can add negative energy to your life. While the room with rounded furniture and no corners are also bad. Why? Don’t forget Yin Yang concept – everything should be balanced! So get rid of vivid sharp objects and balance your room with rounded shapes (table, carpet, etc).

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  1. This is a nice series of articles on feng shui. There is so much to learn! Great photos too.

  2. hello ,
    you can do fengshui and have got benefit from fengshui realy ?

  3. very nice article for feng shui. I’ve learned something. Promise to visit your website again.

  4. Thank you all!))

    Nice to hear that Feng Shui steps helped you:))

    Yes, feng shui works for me. I tried different Feng Shui schools that are not working at all.
    Numerous books and sites are about placing feng shui symbols in the house and areas of career, family, etc. This feng shui is not working! That’s why so many people think that feng shui is a mystics that doesn’t help. Real Ancient Feng Shui DOES work and help. You need years to learn it. I am not Feng Shui expert with university degree in Feng Shui but I am passing courses that lead me and my readers to what Real feng shui is:)


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