Furniture Arrangement with Feng Shui

black-vase-red-wooden-table-blue-wallThere’s a growing trend in interior design in which furniture arrangement is the biggest change in a room, while making it look as if it’s been remodeled. It’s certainly a budget arrangement, because it doesn’t cost anything to move furniture around. A poorly arranged room can go from blah to beautiful if the furniture arrangement gives the room a good flow and sense of purpose.

Look around the room you’re dissatisfied with

Now walk out of the room and walk back in, paying attention to the things you notice first. Where are your eyes drawn when you walk in? If the things you notice aren’t the things you want to notice, then you’re due for some feng shui style furniture arrangement.

Choose Focal point of the room

Usually the largest pieces of furniture are the ones that will be noticed first, and they should be somehow facing the door to ensure this. For focal points that can’t be moved, like a fireplace, the furniture should be situated around it in a way that leads the eye to it and makes it more central. In a bedroom, the bed should be the first thing noticed but not too close to the door if possible, to give the room a more open feel.

Don’t block windows and doorways

In every room, keep furniture from blocking doorways or windows, even slightly. And make sure there are no other obstructions near doorways like trash cans, dollhouses or anything that blocks the entrance. This is important for your front door, too. Make sure the porch or entry way path is clear to the door.

Group furniture according how you use the room

A common mistake is to line furniture around the walls. A simple furniture arrangement that creates a space for conversation in a living room can make a dramatic difference. You may think the room will look less open with furniture grouped this way, but unless the area is so small that it’s not possible to get through the room this way, it will actually look and feel better with furniture groupings.

Less Furniture – more space

Part of a new furniture arrangement might call for less furniture. If there’s really no empty space in a room it’s best to get rid of some furniture. You can use it in another part of the house, but having one room that’s too full makes it seem small and uncomfortable.

Organise Furniture lining the walls

If you’ve had your furniture lining the walls, you can make a dramatic difference by pulling some out into a grouping and arranging it on the diagonal. An area rug in front of a fireplace, for instance, with a couch, coffee table and chair placed diagonally on the rug but aligned with each other can make the room look brand new, even if you don’t change anything else.

You may still decide to go through with other remodeling plans, but careful furniture arrangement can improve the look of any space so try it before you make any other decisions. It may even give you new remodeling ideas.

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