Flying Monthly Stars February 2008

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Flying Monthly Stars February in 2008. Annual Flying Stars are the most important stars this year, and you need to balance energy to aoid bad flying stars and to imrove what you need. If your entrance or the room, where you mostly stay and rest is located in the section of Bad Annual Flying Stars, then you should concentrate on monthly stars. Every month cant be like one, so if you want love, wait for number 4 or 9 coming to your bedroom, if you want future money, then again 9 will be your lucky star, but if you want wealth in the nearest time, then look for Flying Star 8.

The chart has most common cures for each section.

feng shui monthly flying stars chart 2008.jpg

If you read the article: Flying Annual Stars 2008, then you should know what several of them mean and what they are used for.


Flying Stars: 9 and 7

Flying Star 9 is a very positive and lucky star, so if we tell about annual energy of the Southeast, then everything is ok. But in February Flying star 7 comes here. This star is the star of robbery, and burglary so be very careful, especially if the entrance of your home is in the Southeast. Yang water in the Southeast will give you protection from fire accidents that can be caused by human carelessness.

Cures: double horned , yang water feature (dynamic water), chi lin with ho tu.

18_feng shui symbol doublehoned rhinoceros.jpg feng shui yang water.jpg feng shui symbol chi lin.jpg


Flying Stars: 5 and 3

Annual Flying Star 5 should be cured the whole year 2008. The South sector is not the best place to sleep and stay for long. If it is possible, then move to another sector, but Flying Star 5 is very dangerous. This year the South sector should be disturbed. It means No repair, No chaos, No disturbing noice and movement. Usually people that disturbed Flying Star 5 have big problems. My big and sencere advice – dont repair anything here during year 2008! Monthly Flying Star 3 (star of quarrels) will add stressfull atmosphere. In business there might be disputes over money. Creative people will be inspired by this energy.

Cures: crystal apple

feng shui symbol crystal apple.jpg

The details will be little later)

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