Feng Shui Your Goals

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It feels perfect when you achieve something you’ve worked for and focused on for a long time. Many people think: “When someone reaches a goal it’s because that person is special or has unique talent.” The old says: “people don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan” is tired, but so true. Either way, goals and objectives require concrete statement and formulation.

Try below methods for achieving your goals:

1. Write your goal.

Some of you will think a bit about what you really want, but try it and you’ll see how effective it is.

2. Picture it.

Visual goals will work, because “seeing is believing, and believing is seeing”.money feng shui success.jpg

3. Action.

Do you feel that you do something to achieve your goal? There are things that you dream of, and there are some things that you want to achieve, so divide such things on goals and dreams and do adequate actions.
Now you may be wondering how goal setting and goal-achieving relate to feng shui. Well, your environment has a direct impact on your effectiveness and your life, so to increase your chances of success, you want to make sure your environment reflects that desire.
Feng shui is just a part of your life enhancement, and you should do actions, so that your life will have multiple chances for becoming successful.
In other words: use symbolism in your home or office to keep the focus on your goals. Also, the Chinese hang banners with auspicious sayings in their homes and businesses to reflect their aspirations. You can take example from Chinese people.

Feng shui your goals:

1. Symbolize your goals.

What is it you want to achieve? Is it your goal to be a famous writer? If so, start an antique pen collection and place it in the south sector of fame and recognition. Add a light here and pictures of some of your favorite writers. Pick something to symbolize your goal, whether that is a vase, a globe, a figurine. Put this where you can see it frequently.
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2. Picture it.

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Put pictures that symbolize your goals in the appropriate corner to inspire you. Is it health? Put up a picture of a runner if exercising or completing a marathon is your goal.
Maybe you want wealth and to you being wealthy is represented by living in Tahiti… So, put a poster of a gorgeous Tahitian island up on the wall opposite your desk where you can see it everyday. It will make going after your goal sweeter.

3. Put it into words.

In addition to creating your goal corner and hanging a picture of your goal, you can complete the scene by adding your goal in words. So, for example, if you’ve created a marriage goal corner with a double fish symbol, a lamp with crystals, a red candle, and a picture of two people holding hands, all you need on the wall next to this is the word “Love” or “Forever” or “Commitment” or “Marriage.”

Or, if you’ve created a business corner, go with the word “Success” or “Prosperity.” My friend has a word “Abundance” above the desk and every day, it reinforced his goal.

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